• Are BoM's Broken for 2018 3D PDF?

    After upgrading to SW2018, we haven't been able to create 3D PDF files of assembly drawings that include a linked BoM table.  Is anybody else having this problem?    We successfully created a number o...
    William Radigan
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  • Representational information in STEP242?

    Dear All,   Does anybody know if SW2019-MDB (or even SW2018) supports the import/export of representational information (k-factor, BD, bendlines, etc.) in STEP242 files?   Some background info: We are loo...
    Mark Van Hurne
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  • Where are all of the MBD users?

    With the attendance of the MBD Advocacy meeting in LA last year, I would have thought there would have been a bit of activity here. Are people still learning about it? Has everyone found how usefully it is?   Casey
    Casey Gorman
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  • MBD Sheet Metal - Problems

    Hi All,   So I'm still testing MBD...   I'm trying to get sheet metal parts to work right but I'm having major issues.  My 3D view keeps loosing the unfolded view and reverting to the folder view and ...
    Mark Armstrong
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  • MBD- Hole table

    I'm using MBD and I have a large plate with many holes. Is it possible to do horizontal ordinate dimensions and if not, Is it possible to make a hole table with MBD?
    Zack Mincer
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  • Convert task does not make a 3Dpdf if templates are not cached

    Hi, I just wanted to confirm some behavior I'm seeing using the PDM Convert task to make 3Dpdfs, and plug an enhancement request if it is behaving the way I think...   We're using the new 2018 feature that lets ...
    Elisabeth Daley
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  • General profile tolerance and tolerance status

    I've got a question about exactly how the General Profile Tolerance from 2018 interacts with other callouts when the Tolerance Status is calculated.  Say I've added the following DimXpert callouts, and a general ...
    Elisabeth Daley
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  • 3D Saved views

    Is their a simple way to make annotated saved views from MBD into DXF files?
    Bob Smith
    created by Bob Smith
  • How to Combine Datum

    I want the basic dimension 100 and the datum to be aligned with each other to symbolize a width datum. How do I do that? As can be seen above, I can attach the datum and basic dimension as separate "lines" but that's ...
    Bob Smith
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  • Sketches in 3D PDFs

    The "What's new in 2017" says that "Sketches Display in 3D PDFs" but there is no further mention of any settings that are required to make this happen.    2017 What's New in SOLIDWORKS - Sketches Display i...
    Greg Kemner
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  • How to fit the views in Border in 3D pdf (MBD )

    We are working on solid works MBD, We trying to convert some our components to 3D pdf. We are facing some issues to convert in the output 3D Pdf. The issues are listed below        1. We ar...
    Ramesh Kumar
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  • BOM table text vertical alignment

    Why is the text in the BOM table upper justified in each row?  It is cutting off the tops of the letters.  I have tried having my BOM table text in Solidworks centered and lower justified but it always comes...
    Greg Kemner
    created by Greg Kemner
  • 3D Annotation Dimension Colors

    Why are some of the 3D annotation dimensions black and others light blue or teal in color?  I need to set them all to be black, how can I do that?
    Greg Kemner
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  • BOM Tables Header Row

    Can the heading rows be placed at the bottom of the 3D PDF BOM table instead of the top so that the table grows from the bottom up instead of the top down?   Thanks!
    Greg Kemner
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  • Solidworks MBD Stability/Crashing

    Hi All,   When trying to publish to a 3D PDF (via MBD) Solidworks simply crashes every single time.   I'm on Windows 7 and on 2018 S.P-0.2   When I take a look at RX Reliability log (thingy) I see th...
    Mark Armstrong
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  • BOM Balloon Numbering with Configurations

    I have an assembly model with two configurations.  I have an annotation BOM table in my assembly model that displays the parts list for both configurations.  I have BOM balloons on my assembly model.  H...
    Greg Kemner
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  • MBD 2018 Trial?

    Anybody know if there is an available trial for MBD?  I want to test it before spending money on it to be sure it is worth buying.
    Sebastyon Champion
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  • New MBD enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018

    Dear all, The attached slides summarized new MBD enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2018. Hope they are helpful. -Oboe
    Oboe Wu
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  • 3D PDF Sample - Miter Saw Assembly

    My last PDF sample of the NIST container assembly received a lot of great feedback so I decided to create another one. I kept the same goals in mind. I wanted to publish a clean, accurate, and visually appealing 3D PD...
    Christopher Pagliarini
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  • SolidWorks MBD - Automation of 3D PDF Publishing Property Manager Options

    I have recently been experimenting with SolidWorks MBD, in particular, the 3D PDF publishing functionality. One our company goals in using SolidWorks MBD is to automate the publishing of 3D PDF's as much as possible. ...
    Jared Kirsch
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