• "Publish to 3D PDF" Grayed Out

    When using MBD, I am unable to actually publish to a 3D pdf on some parts. For other parts, it works fine. Is there any reason why this might be?
    Daniel Featherby
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  • Sketch dimensions imported to MBD

    Hello!   My company is in the early stages of Model-Based Definition and how to work more efficient with it. The way we work today is that in the sketches, when we are making the 3D-part, we are defining our dim...
    Brandon Saari
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  • MBD/3D Annotations - Full dim or Minimal dim?

    I've watched a ton of MBD, DimXpert videos over the years from respected sources such as Trimech, GoEngineer, SolidWorks, etc. and they all have one thing in common: They present the practice of creating 3D annot...
    Tim Benson
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  • 3D PDF Template Issue

    I am having trouble setting up a 3D pdf template.  I can get everything to look great in the template, but when the pdf is created all the text will be shifted and different sizes.  Tech support says that th...
    Greg Kemner
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  • Let's be honest - what is the state of MBD in the industry today?

    After years of reading articles, blog posts, attending conferences and ad hoc discussions extolling the virtues of MBD and the 'drawing-less' future, has there really been any substantive progress towards adoption in ...
    Tim Benson
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  • Invalid Plugin - MBD 3D PDF

    Hello, recently I received a error " Invalid plugin detected. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC will quit." Looks to be from Adobe Acrobat. I re-installed Adobe Acrobat DC but it has not had any affect since after the restart...
    William Chaney
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  • Permission Denied - 3D PDF Template Editor

    Hello, When trying to publish to a 3D PDF from Solidworks MBD I get a "Permission denied on themes folder" error. See attached for popup. I do not know where the 'themes' folder is. I do not know where to grant pe...
    William Chaney
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  • MBD/PMI and STEP 242 Question

    We are investigating MBD functionality within SolidWorks 2019. We are completely new to using these functions to any appreciable level of detail.   After going through the MBD tutorial, I successfully created a ...
    John Howell
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  • Capture 3D view not working in SW MBD 2018

    I'm using SW MBD the first time and tried to capture a 3D view. After using the "Auto Dimension Scheme" and the "Show Tolerance Status" I get all the dimensions I want and my part is fully defined (Green) but when I ...
    Heinz Wuhrmann
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  • Leveraging PMI and 3D Views in standalone CAM thanks to STEP 242

    Did you know that some of our partners (Computer Aided Manufacturing) can read STEP 242 files ? When you open the file you will find all the 3D views that were created in MBD.   But it doesn't end there, PMI ...
  • Hide dimensions in Solidworks MBD

    Hello, my company recently started to use Solidworks MBD for 3D drawing. My job was to make 3D drawings with MBD, make 3D views and then E-drawings. First of all i tried to clean up the modells because some of the ske...
    Albin Dagner
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  • Importing STEP 242 with PMI from Unigraphics

    Hello - I did a quick search and didn't find anything on this topic quickly. My company doesn't currently have an MBD add-in license. We are working with a customer that is using Unigraphics MBD and exporting STEP 242...
    Jeffrey Wheeler
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  • 3D PDF author is set to machine name

    When I export a 3D PDF through MBD the author automatically gets set to the name of my PC. I would expect something like my username or, if we export through PDM, a name from a variable. Does anyone know how this can ...
    Marc Trumpi
    created by Marc Trumpi
  • Threads callouts

    Hello everyone,   I'm trying to figure out, is it possible and is it necessary to have thread callout (in my case it is 1/4NPT) on annotation view through MBD?
    Anton Mochan
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  • 3D PDF- part missing from main viewport

    I made an assembly to publish to 3D PDF and when I check the PDF, there in a part that has disappeared. The part can be seen in the bottom picture but not in the main viewport. (The pink housing is missing). It doesn'...
    Zack Mincer
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  • SOLIDWORKS MBD is anyone else evaluating it's use?

    Here where I am working we are in the process of moving towards Model Based Definition. Are there others out there doing the same?   Currently we are using an add-on product (own 3 seats) but we are evaluating S...
    Casey Gorman
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  • Show only selected specific feature dimension

    Is there any options to show only specific selected feature dimension while capture insert annotation view - SOLIDWORKS MBD
    Satheesh Kumar G.
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  • Issues with MBD

    We are currently conducting trials on SolidWorks MBD. We are trying to generate a 3D PDF of an assembly along with its BOM using MBD.   Following are the issues that were observed: The template editor doesn...
    Kenneth Coutinho
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  • How to use Create Intersection Point?

    Can someone explain what the MBD Location Dimension Create Intersection Point does? Both tech support and I are baffled on what it does and how to use it.  
    William Lail
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  • 3D PDF Using Adobe Reader

    3D PDF is a great tool for those who might not have SOLIDWORKS to view the models. This video will show you how to view 3D PDFs using Adobe Reader, which is a free program.   This video includes the following: ...
    Jamie Lee
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