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Diorella Angulo
I'm using a default template that comes with SW Inspection which it is "Large Logo Template". In that template there's a column called Sub-Type that uses the attribute "@subtype" and the information that the attribute put in the template is what I need, so I'm OK there.     Now, I want to know if there's any way I can change the word "Diameter"… (Show more)
in Inspection
Riandro Pramudyo
Hi All, I got an error when exporting report. If I use non-variable measurement value (Pass, Marginal, or Fail) on SW Inspection and then I export it to excel, Why non-variable measurement value (Pass, Marginal, or Fail) become to zero “0”??? You can see the details in the ScreenShot below.  
in Inspection
Mehmet Can Yildirim
Hi  All, I did a SOLIDWORKS Inspection work with my customer. We got an error when importing cmm reports. I am sending you an ScreenShot file. You can see the details in the ScreenShot file. I write down the machine model and the program we are using.You can see the technical drawing we used and the cmm report. I am writing the machine model and… (Show more)
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Mikey Shih
I think it's amazing to input 3D PMI for Inspection 2018.   But our SOLIDWORKS MBD need to creat drawings for Inspection to use. So that I thinks it's superfluous . Why CATIA & ProE files can input, but SOLIDWORKS MBD can't?
in Inspection