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Peter Kumpf
Hello  together, we are working with Inspection plug in in SWX2016. We have a lot og drawings with several sheets in one file. How can i choose one this sheet and prevent that Inspection beginning to set the ballons on the first sheet?   Thanks a lot...   Peter
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Jon Sampson
I have MS Office 365 installed but the SW Inspection installer cannot find MS Excel. How do I point SW Inspection to the Excel application?
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Kyle Edsey
I'm using Solidworks Inspection Add-in and when it auto balloons, it wont balloon values with words before the dimension.   For example, it will auto balloon dimensions such as: 6.97 ± .06 2x 2.00 ± .06 Distance from the compressor to centerline.   HOWEVER, It will not auto balloon dimensions such as: Process Connector .256 +.005/-.003  … (Show more)
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Dillon Troxell
We have project templates and excel templates saved in a network location. Instead of manually navigating to the file each time, is there a way to set a default file location like we can with drawing templates? This is for 2017 SP 3.0 with the SW Inspection add-in.
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Diorella Angulo
I'm using a default template that comes with SW Inspection which it is "Large Logo Template". In that template there's a column called Sub-Type that uses the attribute "@subtype" and the information that the attribute put in the template is what I need, so I'm OK there.     Now, I want to know if there's any way I can change the word "Diameter"… (Show more)
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Riandro Pramudyo
Hi All, I got an error when exporting report. If I use non-variable measurement value (Pass, Marginal, or Fail) on SW Inspection and then I export it to excel, Why non-variable measurement value (Pass, Marginal, or Fail) become to zero “0”??? You can see the details in the ScreenShot below.  
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