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Mikey Shih
I think it's amazing to input 3D PMI for Inspection 2018.   But our SOLIDWORKS MBD need to creat drawings for Inspection to use. So that I thinks it's superfluous . Why CATIA & ProE files can input, but SOLIDWORKS MBD can't?
in Inspection
Graeme Paylor
Click to view contentHi Fellow Users   We have been using SWI for a number of years and irritatingly with each iteration, there seems to be a new problem introduced.   Whilst the latest version was installed some months ago, usage has been limited as there were few jobs that required its use.   However, it has come to light today that setting the Template Location… (Show more)
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Peter Pankras
Hi,   We just got inspection Pro 2018 and cannot seem to find any documentation about this topic.   We use both CMM's and Video measuring devices.   The Video measuring devices can output their data as a .csv or and excel sheet.   I like to be able to read that data back into inspection.   None of the templates that come with Inspection seem… (Show more)
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