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Peter Pankras
Hi,   We just got inspection Pro 2018 and cannot seem to find any documentation about this topic.   We use both CMM's and Video measuring devices.   The Video measuring devices can output their data as a .csv or and excel sheet.   I like to be able to read that data back into inspection.   None of the templates that come with Inspection seem… (Show more)
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David Clough
Since updating to 2018, SW Inspection returns 0 value when tolerance is a +0 or -0. If a value is there, it is handled correctly.      Ex 1:  2.000 +.000/-.005 returns values of Upper Limit = 0.000, Lower Limit = 1.995      Ex 2:   Ø1.750 drawn and the tolerance as 'LIMIT' with +.000 and -.000 returns Upper Limit = 0.000 and Lower Limit = 1.745… (Show more)
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Ctm Pdm Admin
We evaluated the add-in but so far decided it is not worth it. Here is a list of frustrations that we faced. I'm putting these here in hopes of SW fixing these issues in later versions and we might reconsider:   Overall: Documentation is poor. Had to search the web and forums to find answers. The SW Add-in software code is not very stable and… (Show more)
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Ryan Fritts
We are looking to purchase and implement Inspection but one of our problems is that it does not seem to have the ability to use a CTQ callout instead of the inspection balloon.   CTQ's are one of those grey/gray area's in the standards but are required by our parent company.   Is this something SolidWorks is working on implementing?   Also would… (Show more)
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Yang Pan
Let's say I only want to have 15 dims on each tab of excel and one part I am measuring now have 45 dimensions.   In my template I only have one tab there, is it possible to let solidworks inspection automatically export three tabs based on that one-tab template I have now?   I have tried the IXFooterRow001 in the template but it only expands the… (Show more)
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Peter Kumpf
Hello  together, we are working with Inspection plug in in SWX2016. We have a lot og drawings with several sheets in one file. How can i choose one this sheet and prevent that Inspection beginning to set the ballons on the first sheet?   Thanks a lot...   Peter
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Jon Sampson
I have MS Office 365 installed but the SW Inspection installer cannot find MS Excel. How do I point SW Inspection to the Excel application?
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Kyle Edsey
I'm using Solidworks Inspection Add-in and when it auto balloons, it wont balloon values with words before the dimension.   For example, it will auto balloon dimensions such as: 6.97 ± .06 2x 2.00 ± .06 Distance from the compressor to centerline.   HOWEVER, It will not auto balloon dimensions such as: Process Connector .256 +.005/-.003  … (Show more)
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Dillon Troxell
We have project templates and excel templates saved in a network location. Instead of manually navigating to the file each time, is there a way to set a default file location like we can with drawing templates? This is for 2017 SP 3.0 with the SW Inspection add-in.
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