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Ward Vancauwenberghe
Hi to all,   I have a question about the Tolerance Settings for the Solidworks Inspection 2016 addin.   We are using a general tolerance range that we specify in the data card of a part (in PDM). So we can find this also in the summary information as a property name.   Is it possible to link this information to solidworks inspection? So if… (Show more)
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Michael Forsythe
I'm evaluating a trial version of the SolidWorks Inspection 2016 Add-In.  Regardless of what I set the angular dimension tolerance to, the tolerance that comes up once the drawing has been bubbled is +/- 12.7.  An illustrative example is shown below.
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Pat Nott
When i export from inspection to excel into my template the border only shows up on top and side the bottom stays border-less? Has anyone had this happen before?  
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Felice Pasinetti
Hi to all,   I'm evaluating SW Inspection Add-in, but I'm having some trouble: the most annoying problem is that it cannot recognize decimal separator (I set my system with decimal comma "," as separator) in dimensions' values     I don't have any problem with decimal separator in any other program (solidworks, office, ...), so this… (Show more)
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Michael Abelev
Hi All,   New to SW comments are possibly aimed at Performance Enhancement.   Would like to manually assign the ballooning order in SW Add-In + can't find a way to manually assign a balloon to a Note in SW Add-In.   One way I found of controlling the order of ballooning in SW Add-In is to arrange the Drawing Views (drag and… (Show more)
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Brad Letourneau
I have a few users that are trying to use the Solidworks Inspection Add-in in Solidworks.  The stand alone version functions fine and we have available licenses.  We are running SW2015 SP3 and Inspection 2015 SP3.  The inspection add-in inst even an option on the add in list and the icon is grey'd out.  Everything works as it should on my machine… (Show more)
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Patrick Colliflower
Hello all,   I am using the add-in version of inspection on a part with multiple configurations. Each drawing consists of a few views of only ONE (1) configuration with all views set to that config. I would like to pull a few values from the config. specific custom properties tab. However, in the dialog box shown, inspection will only display the… (Show more)
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