• Solidworks Electrical (3D and Schematics) Vs Visio

    Hello,   My name is Diego and I was wondering if someone on this forum has worked or transition from Microsoft Visio to the Solidworks Electrical Package. I am currently writing a proposal for my company asking ...
    Jorge Santillan
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  • Cable relations

    Hi,   I was going to ask some questions, but solved it my self. I'll post the answers if someone else should need them.   Was looking for the database table containing the cable lines for line diagrams. F...
    Johan Linell
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  • Using Bus Bars in SolidWorks Electrical

    Does anyone have a good way of handling Bus bars in SolidWorks Electrical? I thought creating symbols that represent that bus bar in the beginning would work. But it doesn't. Specially if you use multiple sheets for t...
    Patrick Ellis
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  • How do i change the default cable root letter?

    When I assign a cable to a wire it designates it with "W" and a number.  I found the formula for setting the cable marks and its setup as:   CABLE_ROOT + CABLE_ORDERNO   I know i can just change this ...
    Zac Hennen
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  • Grouping repeated parts in harness BOM

    Hi, I am using solidworks electrical for aerospace harnessing. In one project, I will have different harnesses. The report for "bill of materials by harness" is the most useful for me so that I can easily have kits cr...
    John Janiczek
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  • How to Draw 2 different wires attached to a same point?

    How to draw 2 different wires attached to a same point in scheme? When I draw alway auto change wires to same type. Anyone know how? Thanks
    General Manager
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  • How to create new template for report?

    Because the default reports in Solidworks Schematic can not be suit for my needs, so I want to create new custom report, so how to do it?
    General Manager
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  • How do I suppress the prompt "The databases must be converted to work with this version of the application"?

    I am preparing Solidworks Electrical 2019 SP5.0 to run in a VDI environment. I am trying to suppress all the prompts one would see at the first launch of the program. I have successfully been able to do so except for&...
    Joel Kolb
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  • How to translate SSMS script to SWE script

    Hi team, There are some discussions about the creating script on SSMS and translate it to SWE style. any material available somewhere? especially how to deal with these SWE variables.   Thanks in advance. Roland
    Roland Yan
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  • Can I generate BOM report separate by book

    My project consist of two books name as Option 1 and Option 2.     I separate book because I want to create project two configuration(option) by option 2 has motor but option 1 is not.     Th...
    Pongsatorn Sungboonlue
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  • How to show the section or gauge on the wire in scheme drawing?

    Now I want to show the section or gauge of wire on wire in scheme drawing. Anyone know how to do that? Thanks
    General Manager
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  • Solidworks Electrical weird routing results

    Hi, I have been testing Solidworks Electrical for a while now and made ~80% of first project - made most of the electrical schematics (2D). Because of setbacks with 3D Electrical which I explained in post https://for...
    Arutram Liemd
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  • How do I show the J# on an interconnect for a PCB that has multiple connectors?

    Hello, I am experimenting with creating one-line drawings. We show PCBs in the schematic as "black boxes" with connectors that are added seperately, being subordinate to the PCB. If I want to show a few of those cab...
    Lynne Toland
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  • What do the colors on the boxes in the Detailed Cabling dialog mean?

    Lynne Toland
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  • AUUUUUUUGH. I had to move some wires and now the cable associations are gone!

    I was cleaning up some wires that were off our grid. In the process they were temporarily disconnected from their component. NOW ALL THOSE WIRE ASSOCIATIONS ARE GONE. MANY DRAWING MESSED UP. ....where are the antaci...
    Lynne Toland
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  • Components and/or locations for enclosures

    Hi all,   We make a lot of enclosure based automation systems. I often draw the wiring line diagrams as an overview of a system where you can see the cables going from enclosures to transducers, other enclosure...
    Johan Linell
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  • Retag all the components after Root change in classifications manager

    Hello,   In SW Electrical, I can change the root of the components in the classifications manager. But there is a manner to retag all the components in my project with this modification (Ex: Change for all relay...
    Emmanuel Duguet P.Eng
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  • ERP connection procedure

    Hi, Can anybody elaborate on integration of solidworks electrical design with exisitng ERP database? How it can be done?   Namita Zaware
    Namita Zaware
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  • Handling functional earth (FE) in wire style manager.

    Hi,   I'm setting up project containing all my wires to able to copy them to every new project I start. So trying to get everything correct from the beginning. Functional earth (FE) is not to be confused with p...
    Johan Linell
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  • Cannot connect to database - tew-app-data

    Hi All, we have a new server installation of Solidworks (collaborative server, network license, and network database) which has been working for about half a day, long enough for us to create a few test projects and s...
    Aaron Neal
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