I created a block with a custom attribute. I only want to use this block as a graphic with text so I don't want any part number info, and I don't want SWE to think it is a component. I tried it two ways, in Autocad an...
    Lynne Toland
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  • Mixed cable core color full name issue

    Hi Team, Anyone ever dealt with the cable core full color name in your design? SWE works fine if the core color names are in two letters abbreviation format. when i tried to use the color full name, it only works for...
    Roland Yan
    created by Roland Yan
  • Maintain old title block attributes

    Our company will often go back and edit old drawings, then add revision notes for the new project. The problem I'm having in Solidworks is the title block attributes are tied to the new project. I want to be able to i...
    Kurt Turner
    created by Kurt Turner
  • Disappearing Project Folders?

    Anybody had entire projects just disappear?  In this case all projects under 21 have just gone poof from the server that hosts our projects and symbols library. This is very frustrating since two of those project...
    Benjamin Zuses
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  • how do you add an arrow head to a line in solidworks electrical

    trying to add an arrow head to a line. can find in the properties panel where to add a arrow head
    Chuck Faisst
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  • Can you "save as" to local drive with server lic.

    Can you "save as" to local drive with server lic., since the project file is created from the server?
    Richard Hong
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  • Components and/or locations for enclosures

    Hi all,   We make a lot of enclosure based automation systems. I often draw the wiring line diagrams as an overview of a system where you can see the cables going from enclosures to transducers, other enclosure...
    Johan Linell
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  • How to display specific device information in a line diagram symbol?

    Is there a way to display specific device information in a line diagram symbol? There is an empty box (see attached image) within the symbol and I'm trying to add an attribute that can be changed to give more informat...
    Chuck Dahl
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  • Export data from Search results

    This is a Solidworks Electrical 2D question. I want to export info from the Search tool into a spreadsheet that includes the ref des and book/sheet information of the search results. The data I need does not seem to...
    Lynne Toland
    created by Lynne Toland
  • How do i find a manufacturer part electrical symbol online

    I have a SCHURTER KMF1.1191.11 power entry module with fuses and a disconnect. Is there a resource that has the symbol or similar symbol that can be downloaded and added to the Scheme drawing sheet?
    Robert Hubbell
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  • how to make separate Bill of Materials tables

    I'm working on my first SW Electrical project and I'm having difficulties creating 2 separate Bill of Materials tables, one for each book in the project. I have two separate books under the same project (image attache...
    Chuck Dahl
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  • Is it possible to make a PLC circuit that could be either Digital Input or Output with the dynamic configurator?

    I have a PLC that has points that can be either inputs or outputs depending on wiring.   I was trying to build it into the PLC configurator so that I can use the functionality of setting of the digital point...
    Nelson Weber
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  • What does Parent-Child component organization get me?

    Parent child is very obvious for things like terminal strips. Parent is X1, Child is all the terminals on the strip. Dragging and dropping components on the component tree, you can create a similar relationship for o...
    Brian Cooke
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  • Terminal Labels inconsistant

    Hello, We label our terminal blocks by the label for the terminal strip and by the signal. For instance, I might have TB1 and within TB1 I have L1, L2, L3, N, GND. So my labels look like this TB1(L1), TB1(L2) etc w...
    Lynne Toland
    created by Lynne Toland
  • Split cable assembly on line diagram type of drawing

    Hi team, We need support split type of cable assembly on Line Diagram type of drawing. will be something line this.         material wise, it is one part. anyone could share some experiences on...
    Roland Yan
    created by Roland Yan
  • SWE crashing when using origin destination

    Hi Everyone,   My colleges and i have had this happen quite a few times now,   When setting origin/destinations when we're going quick occasionally SWE will just crash giving a dump process which begins a ...
    Craig Lemon
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  • Origin-Dest. Arrows without manager

    Is there anyway to add Origin-Dest Arrows without using the manager. We have one origin and a lot of destinations on some wires and using the manager when all done takes a very long time. I'd rather have a symbol that...
    Bryce Yokom
    created by Bryce Yokom
  • Saving revision notes when importing or copy/paste into a different project.

    I want to be able to pull in drawings from old SWE projects into a new project, and keep the revision notes on the old drawings. Is there an easy way to do this?  On a slightly related note, can revisions be bul...
    Kurt Turner
    created by Kurt Turner
  • Routing guidelines don't update when schematic is changed (using SW Elec 2018)

    I noticed when I was routing a large harness that one of my guidelines was going to the wrong connection point. I realized that my schematic was incorrect, so I updated it so that the cable was going to the correct fr...
    Jason Lieving
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  • Multicolored (striped) wire in 3d routing (Solidworks Electrical)

    Hey all. I'm using Solidworks Electrical Schematics to generate my wire harness in 3d. I've looked around for the option to added multi-colored wire to the 3d wire routing to match the wire color as defined in the SW ...
    Jason Lieving
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