• Terminal Strip Copy & Multiple Copy

                              Hi everybody , When I try to copy the terminal strip , terminal strip "Short Tag Mark" automatically turn to "Level 2" . I d...
    Furkan Ozata
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  • Update template with wires from project?

    We have been using Solidworks Electrical 2D for about 3 years. Our wire types in our template is constantly becoming outdated as we add new wires to current projects. I would like to merge those new wire types into my...
    Lynne Toland
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  • Black box format copy/paste

    When drawing a black box around wires (it automatically creates connections points which is great). Is there a way to set my project to always show particular attributes (such as mnemonics next to the connection ...
    Wayne McAneaney
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  • importing a part

    Ok, So i've downloaded a part (*.TEWZIP) from the online content portal. but I'm failing to get this to appear into my solidworks electrical 2019. I've tried unarchiving  via "Library/ Parts manager/ Unarchive" b...
    Wayne McAneaney
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  • Origin-Destination Arrows (multiple wire selection)

    Hi everybody , I cannot succeed in making multiple wiring in SWE. I mean I can not select one group of wire at a time for example in the origin schematic page. How can I do that ?? Please help on this problem.Daniel ...
    Furkan Ozata
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  • Why do only wires route along the EW_path when routing a harness

    I am struggling to get SW electrical to route my Harness, all cables and wires are added to the harness, but when I route the harness only the wires follow the EW_path what could be the reason for this, it is really f...
    Martin Baggerohr
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  • How do you mark a component with numbers beginning 01? EG K01 ... my set up will only allow K1

    see title for question
    Wayne McAneaney
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  • Issues with reports in electrical

    I can customize reports in electrical no problem.  But is it possible to generate a report for just one page drawing and not the entire book of drawings?  
    Gary Sather
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  • Is there a "view only" program for viewing archive files?

    Does Solidworks offer a way for others in a company to open an archive file for viewing only? Our sales engineers need to be able to view past projects, but can't open the archive file. With our old CAD software, they...
    Kurt Turner
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  • Some of my symbols have random dots around them appearing in my solid works electrical schematics

    Some of my custom made symbols have random dots around them in my electrical schematics in a line diagram so I see the little dots on the schematic if I click on a little dot it will highlight a particular symbol if I...
    Gary Sather
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  • How to make a terminal strip that has a series of terminals where each can have 3 wires connected to it?

    I am using DIN rail mountable terminals, and each has 3 connection points that are electrically connected internally. I have 20 of these (3 common terminals on each) mounted on a DIN rail, and some of the adjacen...
    Chuck Dahl
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  • Customizing SLD Cable labels

    Does SWE have the ability to edit & attach a symbol to SLD Cable labels. I cannot find adjust-ability beyond Configurations< Symbols<Font<Line Diagram Cables.   Any information on this topic would b...
    Craig Lemon
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    Lynne Toland
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  • Exclude from BoM in Solidworks Electrical?

    Is there a way to exclude components from a BoM in Solidworks 2D Electrical?   For example I have a cable that comes with a premade connector on one end. I will add the part number when I create the actual ...
    Lynne Toland
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  • Is there a way to change the line type for PCBs and Black boxes?

    Our engineers don't like the large dashed line representing the PCBs. They want a solid line, or at least a more tightly scaled dash. Is there a way to control that? Thanks!
    Lynne Toland
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  • Can I show grid lines (instead of only dots) in SW electrical 2018?

    When working on a coarse grid with a high res monitor, it's sometimes hard to spot the dots of the grid. Lines would make that much easier. However, I can't find an option in SW electrical to show grid lines (prefera...
    B. Kranenburg
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  • Automate tags and cable printing

    Hi,   We manufacture enclosure built systems and install them together with lots of cables. This require printing of component, wire and cable tags. Each time there is a time taking routine with excel export, op...
    Johan Linell
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  • the 'origin-destination' works fine for wires, seems not for cable

    anyone ever use it for cable on Line Diagram drawing?   Appreciated.
    Roland Yan
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  • Do Excel Export Command is available in SolidWorks Electrical Schematic Standard?

    Do Excel Export Command is available in SolidWorks Electrical Schematic standard?
    K. vigneshkumar
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  • Creating a book macros

    I try to create a macro of a book by right clicking on my book and selecting create macros. But all it does is to load forever. What can I do?
    Micael C. Venne
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