• Connectors think they are in a PCB

    This is in Solidworks Electrical 2d. I have three PCBs in a drawing in the same "location". Lets say PCB1 and PCB2 both have 20 connectors associated with them. The connectors are clearly subordinate to the PCBs...
    Lynne Toland
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  • Representing device connections on a different page

    So I have a device with numerous connections placed on one particular page, i am drawing circuits to some of these connections such as power but I want to show its other auxiliary connections on a diffe...
    Wayne McAneaney
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  • How do I change the grid system for my Schematics?

    I am used to AutoCAD and this is my first project in Solidworks Electrical. I would Like to number my schematics in a similar way but I dont want the Hexagons or Lines.
    Nicholas Nelson
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  • circuit information missing from part downloaded from ECP site.

    Hi SWE team, trying to download few parts from ECP site. example a connector. After it was associated to a symbol on line diagram and a cable connected, noticed that circuit information was not there. I could no...
    Roland Yan
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  • origin/destination attributes

    Is there a way to display a user text to a origin/destination arrow eg 24V+? so that it automatically shows up on both origin/destination arrows?  While the page cross reference is obviously very useful, if...
    Wayne McAneaney
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  • Extended Views in the SQL Expert mode in 2019

    Hi all, I just got a machine up to 2019 and I wanted to experiment with the new views in the Report SQL Expert mode.  Does anyone have more info on this or a quick video explaining how these work?  I see whe...
    Evan Stanek
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  • Splitting a Page into several

    Hi Guys,   We don't have an electrical background and very less experience with the use of SOLID WORKS Electrical.   As part of a university project we have to create a schematic for an existing cabling of...
    Robin Spickers
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  • Terminal Strip Editor:  Terminal Component Type

    I am having some issues with the terminal strip editor.  All of my terminals are coming in as "Reserve Terminals".  Is there a way to change these to Default Terminals and Earth Terminals as necessary? ...
    John Tessandori
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  • SolidWorks Electrical PDM connector

    So I understand that the electrical PDM connector is a new tool and still has several kinks to work out. I have been struggling to get everything functioning as we would expect. I have had some success and some fails,...
    Miles Fischer
    created by Miles Fischer
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Electrical Connector

    When SOLIDWORKS 2018 was released, there was a video touting a new way to integrate SW Electrical and PDM.  In the video, there is a SOLIDWORKS PDM tab in the user interface and you could have your projects and l...
    Jim Sculley
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  • Cable Assignment and Labeling

    Hi everybody ; I want to associate the Label W1 with the assigned Cable (W1_2core cable ) .I want to be seen this cable parameters via the LABEL .but ı cannot achieve this. I want to show that parameters on the schem...
    Furkan Ozata
    created by Furkan Ozata
  • Circuit Breaker Symbols

    Hi everybody , I wanna add one symbol for my electrical schematic. This symbol is SF6 gas activated circuit breaker .(24vdc motor controlled) So I m trying to find a symbol in the Component Library . But ı coudnt. So...
    Furkan Ozata
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  • solidworks electrical wire custom property

    I have following query using Electrical Interface (SWE Premium + 3D Electrical)   1) Multiple 3D Harnesses in single Drawing with same connector.  Creating multiple branch from single harness and any ti...
    Rajeev Mishra
    created by Rajeev Mishra
  • cable drawings

    How do people here do their cable drawings?
    Lynne Toland
    created by Lynne Toland
  • Can I generate BOM report separate by book

    My project consist of two books name as Option 1 and Option 2.     I separate book because I want to create project two configuration(option) by option 2 has motor but option 1 is not.     Th...
    Pongsatorn Sungboonlue
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  • plc terminal spacing

    Hey folks! I am using the PLC feature in SWE and would love for a way to change the terminal spacing to match my companies grid spacing standard so each terminal on the PLC lines up with a number rung. Currently using...
    Matthew Crouch
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  • Procedure to connect to ERP Database using SQL Server Connection

    Hello All I am facing an Issue with respect to ERP Database connection when i try to connect using Custom ERP Database (Not the default Solidworks Database) I can connect to the Database, Map Fields and save the set...
    Vineet Upender Reddy
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  • When going into Detailed Cabling , software locks up. I am going from a Light curtain splitter connector to A Breakout connector I already have made child symbols for Pin outs of 5 pin connector .

    Rufus McAden
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  • Terminal Strip Copy & Multiple Copy

                              Hi everybody , When I try to copy the terminal strip , terminal strip "Short Tag Mark" automatically turn to "Level 2" . I d...
    Furkan Ozata
    last modified by Furkan Ozata
  • Update template with wires from project?

    We have been using Solidworks Electrical 2D for about 3 years. Our wire types in our template is constantly becoming outdated as we add new wires to current projects. I would like to merge those new wire types into my...
    Lynne Toland
    last modified by Lynne Toland