• show all parts in a component

    If I have a components which contains multiple part numbers, like a fuse and holder, can I show both part numbers on the drawing. (This is for Solidworks Electical 2D only)
    Lynne Toland
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  • Browser component by function?

    Hi team, SWE does give a side window for user to browser symbols by its location. wondering is there a similar way for function?   Regards, Roland
    Roland Yan
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  • How can you add further address information in project properties?

    Hi all, in SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL SCHEMATIC I want to add more information about customer in a new front page template. By default I have 3 address lines where I can fill in name/street/city for example. Now I need fur...
    Martin Denk
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  • online portal address change

    Hi all,   Where does one change the "online content portal" web address in solidworks electrical?   Thanks
    Wayne McAneaney
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  • Not able to select dynamic connector

    In and Electrical Schematic I'm able to insert a Molex connector the "Root" under component properties show as "J" and I'm able to pick from the Dynamic Connector pull down in the Connector Dynamic Insertion. However ...
    Rui Frias
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  • Schematic wire color after associated with a cable

    Hello all,    Is there a way to keep the wire color in the schematic graphics after you add associate wire to a cable core? Attached are before and after pictures.    Yes, we are changi...
    Jason Petras
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  • SPR fix question

    Can someone look up SPR 727930 for me and tell me what the fix is?  I got this email, but I don't have access to look it up anymore.  I'm very curious what this fix is.  We have very large electrical ca...
    Daniel Myers
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  • How to modify the default property of new symbols template(which is *.dwg format)

    hello,guys. version is 2018. the font of default font of new symbol template has two kinds (standard & TAHOMA_STANDARD),everytime I draw a new symbol, I have to add customized font to text style manager, is ther...
    Zhou Yi Qiang
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  • Wrong number wire when use Origin-Destination Arrow

    Dear All, I have problem when create auto number wire after use Origin-Destination Arrow. When I do not use Origin-Destination Arrow, I create auto the number wire, they are correct: Page 1: Page 2: The numer...
    General Manager
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  • The wire use Origin-Destination Arrow not have number wire

    When I use The Origin-Destination Arrow, the wire not have number wire, I do not Why. Page 2: Origin Page 3: Destination Anybody know to fix it? Thanks a lot.
    General Manager
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  • Linear mass / How to set up cable weight for tracing?

    Hello! I am trying to get a 3D model of a cable with a mass. Where and how should I set the linear mass parameter? I found it on several tabs (attached pictures). But the resulting cable in 3D has a mass significantl...
  • SW Electrical Cabinet Layout keeps stretching terminal block symbols

    For the life of me I cannot figure out what is going on.   I have 18 terminal blocks that I want to add.  I have associated a manufacturers part with each terminal block. I have a drawing 2D footprint as...
    Andrew Smagala
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  • Manually creating splices in SW Electrical 2018

    I've poked around online and have seen one other question asked about this with no responses, so I will try again. I am a new user with SW Electrical Schematic and the 3d add-in. I am in the wire harness world current...
    Jason Lieving
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  • How do I get the title block row numbers to continue to next page?

    Hello, I am fairly new to SWE, I was wondering how I could have my row numbers continue from one page to the next. For instance,if the last row on page one is 37, I want the first row of page two to begin at 38. I bel...
    Kyle Johnson
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  • Show the Number wire 3D

    After I finish the Drawing in schematic with the auto number wire, I route the 3D wires. But I don’t know the number wire of 3D wire. Where can I see it? Thanks a lot.
    General Manager
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  • Solidworks Electrical 3d - routing cable core interference

    I have routed a cable with 2 conductors defined as an associated cable core from the schematic. The routed cable shows the conductors leaving the jacket and they are interfering. How do I adjust this to show real life?
    Jason Lieving
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  • Show the pop-up of error after routing wire in SWE 3D 2020

    When I use SWE 3D 2019, after I routing wire, SWE will show the pop-up to show errors; but now I use SWE 3D 2020. It not show. Anybody know how to show it? Thanks a lot.
    General Manager
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  • Working from Home and Using a Collaborative Server

    Hello,   During this COVID-19 pandemic my company has told all the engineers to work from home.   We are seeing significant SolidWorks Electrical latency issues. Yes, dropping from a gigabit network connec...
    Matthew Koshman
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  • How do you define a electrical connector that has several moduls?

    Hi guys,   In Germany and Europe, connector components from the "Harting" company are widely used. These can be built up in modules. Is there a clear definition for such assemblies in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical ...
    Martin Denk
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  • 8. Can the pneumatic reference also be displayed as an attribute in a single line symbol?

    Hi guys, in Electrical schematics you can set a cross reference for electrical symbols like relais or others. In my project I use this cross reference as an attribute of a single line symbol as an additional informat...
    Martin Denk
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