• PLC input and output ( I / O) tables

    Hello.   I use PLC components in the SWE and wanted to know how to generate an I / O table according to my connections made in the scheme.   I don't know how to use the PLC tool present in sftware, so I al...
  • Solidworks pdm and electrical  integration

    Hello everyone,                    Has anyone integrated PDM with SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL, and what was the process followed for...
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  • I am interested in your opinion.

    In an effort to 'teach better' I would like to know what you wish you were taught or knew about SOLIDWORKS Electrical now that you have been using it?   Thank you! Johnathen
    Jonathen Lieber
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  • Multileader

    How do you change the shape of the flag for a multileader note (balloon)? At the moment I have a square, I want a circle.
    Lynne Toland
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  • Can I display the "connection points" on components but not print them?

    Can I display the "connection points" on components but not print them? I still want to see connection dots on wires.
    Lynne Toland
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  • Wire disappears when trying to connect connection point of a symbol... Why?

    I am new to Solidworks Electrical. But I think I getting a hang of it although few things like this stump me. I am trying to connect a terminal to a symbol with a wire. Sometimes the section of the wire that connects...
    Vijay Pentapati
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  • SW electrical 2019 crashing

      Is it just me or does anyone else see this pop up window a lot too?   There's nothing obvious that causes it although it's generally after i've clicked the mouse to do something innocuous, comp...
    Wayne McAneaney
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  • Solidworks Electrical Crashing Problem

    Hi, I have been trying the wire routing for a  panel assembly with a lot of smaller components, it is getting crashed while I am trying to execute the routing option. And also when ever  the routing taking...
    Navin A. Vijay
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  • Issues with Solidworks Electrical Routing

    I am trying to find out if there is any other company/person that is using SolidWorks Electrical to create Harness's and are you seeing the same thing as I am. Plus to build a group for SolidWorks Harness people to ge...
    Patrick Ellis
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  • How do you define a electrical connector that has several moduls?

    Hi guys,   In Germany and Europe, connector components from the "Harting" company are widely used. These can be built up in modules. Is there a clear definition for such assemblies in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical ...
    Martin Denk
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  • Solidworks Electrical Wire Routing

    Hi , I have tried wire routing option for an assembly in Solidworks Electrical 3D. For most of the components its getting recognized and routing is taking place, but some components is not getting recognized in routi...
    Navin A. Vijay
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  • Match BoM item order to Harness item order

    So, I need to add a BoM for a harness to a drawing. I have ordered the items in the harness as I want shown in the drawing.. If I export the BoM to Excel, the item numbers are in the correct order and match what is in...
    Lynne Toland
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  • Is there a method to bulk download multiple parts from the Content portal?

    I'm just starting off with SWE, and i'm filling up my library with parts. I'm having a little trouble with the content portal though. While there's lots of convenient libraries, some manufacturers with loads of parts ...
    B. Kranenburg
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  • What is the best way to create the attached PDF drawing?

    We create an electrical wiring diagram to direct our technicians in wiring the equipment and control enclosures. The attached file is the diagram I created for the first time figuring out each step after another. I fe...
    Vijay Pentapati
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  • Manual/Automatic Mixed Wire Numbering

    Hi,   I recently have started using SWE (2020 SP1), to create wire harnesses for automotive/heavy equipment. I am having issues with automatic wire numbering. My companies internal processes require us to make a...
    Raazi Rizvi
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  • What circuit type do you assign to a double throw contact?

    I am starting to define parts and symbols.  I have  a number of switches and relays I use that have circuits where each circuit has three connection points; Normally Open, Common, and Normally Closed.  ...
    Kevin Bouwman
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    I created a block with a custom attribute. I only want to use this block as a graphic with text so I don't want any part number info, and I don't want SWE to think it is a component. I tried it two ways, in Autocad an...
    Lynne Toland
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  • Mixed cable core color full name issue

    Hi Team, Anyone ever dealt with the cable core full color name in your design? SWE works fine if the core color names are in two letters abbreviation format. when i tried to use the color full name, it only works for...
    Roland Yan
    created by Roland Yan
  • Cable Wire Library: Values changing and wires not inserting correctly

    I have made a small library of cables for a project, all done directly through the Cable Wire Library Wizard (CWLW), no use of excel or spreadsheet software. I've already seen that I cannot change the units from inche...
    Samuel Wiest
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  • Maintain old title block attributes

    Our company will often go back and edit old drawings, then add revision notes for the new project. The problem I'm having in Solidworks is the title block attributes are tied to the new project. I want to be able to i...
    Kurt Turner
    created by Kurt Turner