• variables in SQL script

    Hi team, anyone could give any clue how that variable in SQL Script works?       That is a variable assigned by SWE?     Best
    Roland Yan
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  • Debugging SQL script on MS SQL server management studio

    Hi, Thinking of debugging the SQL script on this tool to generate better SWE report. anyone could share some experience on this? or any past thread i could have a look.   Have a good weekend, Roland
    Roland Yan
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  • SWE 2019 reporting function

    Hi Team, wondering if there is a detail explanation about how the reporting function works on Soldiworkd Electrical 2019. especially generating reporting by Books, it is really pain. appreciated if there is any mater...
    Roland Yan
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  • Solidworks electrical (Automatic root name)

    Hello! I always name the elements with their roots (example: M for Motors) and their number of page, row and column (example: M 3-2F, instead of M1), just like origin destination arrows. However, I have to put th...
    Jose Manuel Amaya
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  • Electrical 3D and pop ups

    I have noticed an issue with solidworks electrical, when working in 3D space if any electrical pop up opens I will loose all of my keyboard commands. Example, if i access the manufactures part manager or a preview win...
    Miles Fischer
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  • Solidworks Electrical E-Plan

    Does SWE have feaure like E-Plan which we can control mouse by Arrow buttons(right-left,up,down). İs İt possible in SWE ?? 
    Furkan Ozata
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  • Tecnical drawing parameter adjustment_SWE

    Hi , I want to adjust Technical drawing parameters(for example ; capture range, grid range and line type scale parameters) at the begining of the project . İ mean i want to finish this parameters adjustment for all ...
    Furkan Ozata
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  • Electrical Engineering Internship in Northwest Indiana

    RESPONSIBILITIES: • Assist Electrical Engineers with process development • Provide technical support to the Electrical Engineering Department • Complete special projects as needed and other duties as...
    Misty Ratzlaff
    created by Misty Ratzlaff
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Tutorial videos

    Hi, I came across this section in my.solidworks and I'm wondering if standard users can access these Electrical tutorial videos/reviews or if it is only Professional subscribers?  Can a few of you try it out and ...
    Evan Stanek
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  • SWE Origin-Dest. Arrows

    Hi everybody. Can you please say me .. How can i adjust this "d" distance automatically. for example i want it shorter. but i couldn't manage it. İ get into Conf. -> Project -> Origin-Dest -> f(x) to configur...
    Furkan Ozata
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  • Job Posting - Northwest Indiana

    Job Posting - Senior Electrical Engineer   Reporting to the Electrical Engineering Manager, the Senior Electrical Engineer will be responsible for designing electrical enclosures and control circuits for fo...
    Misty Ratzlaff
    created by Misty Ratzlaff
  • Cabinet Layout Tab cutting off the bottom?

    When I'm working on a cabinet layout drawing, the parts list in the Cabinet layout tab is consistently cutting off the last item in the list, as well as the scroll bar down arrow button. (see image)    Am I...
    Kurt Turner
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  • Passing Equipotential Signal through Two Circuits, One Symbol

    I have a terminal blocks with 2 levels, two terminals each. I want this part to be flexible so I can use two different symbols whenever I please.   Right now I'm trying to use the manufacture part as follows: N...
    Dwayne Alex
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  • List of wires in Electrical to show by book

    Hello, I would like to know if anyone has found a way to generate a wires list report that can display the wires only for a specific book in the project, rather than the wires for the whole project. Even if it could ...
    Kyle Craig
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  • Solidworks Electrical SQL Database Issue

    I've accidentally changed my tew password on the database and now my project just won't load. I've spent 3 hours trying everything I could to fix this: from repairing the SQL server cfgs through the installer until de...
  • Request: Tips/Best Practices for SWE

    I'd really appreciate any tips and advice that the community could give to a new user like myself.  I'm new to both Solidworks and Solidworks Electrical as well as ECAD.  Most of my career was spent on the M...
    Carl Gutierrez
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  • How to remove PDF Architect and ads

    Since PDF Creator was removed from the installation manager, we now have to download it manually. Part of the PDF Creator install is the option to also install PDF Architect. Or rather, is the option to NOT install, s...
    Brian Cooke
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  • Symbols only displaying certain attributes?

    As I'm going creating some schemes and learning SWE at the same time there are things I did incorrectly at first that I'm having to go back and clean up.  I was just correctly inserting some connectors and I noti...
    Carl Gutierrez
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  • Solidworks Electrical in Aerospace industry (2015)

    I have been working with this software for a couple months now, trying to figure out (implement...) the software for our situation. We've gotten really far, but we have come across a few things that actually look like...
    Nick Martucci
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  • Brewing with Electricity: Understanding Installations - Standalone Install

    SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Understanding Installations - Standalone Install  Brewing with Electricity: The SOLIDWORKS Brewery Click here or the image below to watch a short video on understanding how to perform a s...
    John Emanuele
    created by John Emanuele