• SWE Origin-Dest. Arrows

    Hi everybody. Can you please say me .. How can i adjust this "d" distance automatically. for example i want it shorter. but i couldn't manage it. İ get into Conf. -> Project -> Origin-Dest -> f(x) to configur...
    Furkan Ozata
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  • Job Posting - Northwest Indiana

    Job Posting - Senior Electrical Engineer   Reporting to the Electrical Engineering Manager, the Senior Electrical Engineer will be responsible for designing electrical enclosures and control circuits for fo...
    Misty Ratzlaff
    created by Misty Ratzlaff
  • if statement

    what is the usage of iif(len) function in sw electrical ? please help.
    Furkan Ozata
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  • Is it possible to label one end of a wire with component destination and the other end with component origin?

    My company currently labels wires manually using a method shown in the image. The wire label shows what it will connect to on the other end. So at the HMI, the label says "Neutral Terminal Block 04" and at t...
    Jonathan Graham
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  • Corrupt Symbol

    Hello All.   I keep getting corrupted symbols and I'm not sure why. The symbol will be created, saved, and used in a metric sheet.   The symbols will work for some time then seemingly randomly break and I ...
    Dwayne Alex
    created by Dwayne Alex
  • BMS Wiring diagram in SolidWorks Electrical

    How to implement BMS Wiring diagram in SolidWorks Electrical effectively? I am using Orion BMS 2, with 26 inputs/outputs and cell tap wires (about 108).
    Amandine Rouchaud
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  • How can I add origin/destination terminal part numbers to my wire list report?

    In the attached project I have a schematic and a report. The schematic only consists of a wire between two terminals, and both terminals have a manufacturer part associated. The report has two empty columns: "Origin P...
    Greg Bosma
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  • Is elecworks the same as SolidWorks electrical?

    Hello all,   The company I'm at will be switching most of its CAD over to PTC products (i.e. Creo) and I have been looking into our options for electrical CAD. I had not been able to find much info on compatibil...
    Justin Arseneault
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  • Hiding just the Cable Core

    Just wondering if there is a way to show the cable number without the core number in SWE currently  I have a handful of 1 wire cables for a device, these items have mfg part numbers and have to be ordered with sp...
    Matthew Crouch
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  • Is it possible to have terminal strip editor show 2 a wire on either side of the terminal that is referencing different symbols but the same component?

    I dont wanna join these two terminals using wire, however, I want them to use the same terminal and same level.    It is what happens when I assign them together, it creates a multilevel terminal rather t...
    Kelvin King
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  • How to add individual parts into a 3D electrical harness?

    Good day. Is it possible to add individual parts to an existing solidworks 3D electrical route, so that is is being displayed in the solidworks electrical > projects > reports? the parts being added will not be...
    Jaco Van Den Berg
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  • What is the default SA password for SQL?

    I'm trying to install solidworks electrical 2018 side by side with 2017. When I alter the electrical install to target an existing database, it tells me the tew account does not have ALTER ANY LOGIN privileges. The do...
    Dave Brown
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  • How the PLC Manager Works?

    I'm trying to use the SW Elecrical PLC Manager, but I can not understand how it works and what the advantages / disadvantages of using it. Can you help me and explain me better about this tool? How do I configure it...
    Facecontrol Automacao
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  • Impossible to delete equipotential properties

    I am working in solidoworks 2D.  There are equipotential properties that cannot be turned off. I have tried turning on and off every wire on the page, then tried deleting everything off the sheet.  It goes a...
    David Rann
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  • Code that changes a date whenever there is a change in the Wiring Diagram.

    Hello everyone. In my forms, I use the code #PROJECT_MODIFICATION_DATE, so that the date that appears there is changed to the current date that some item in my schema is modified / moved / deleted .... But the code ha...
    Facecontrol Automacao
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  • Is there any way not to lose cable core association?

    I am new to solidworks electrical so please forgive me if I'm not using the correct terminology.  I am trying to replace a symbol that is associated with a terminal strip with the same symbol but not associated w...
    David Rann
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  • How to create or show that cables are crossing in SW Electrical Line diagram?

    Hello,  I'm almost getting creazy but I'm not able to display that one cable crosses three other cables in SW Electrical line diagram. I think this may be very easy, but I can not find out how. I konw that there...
    Patrick Heidorn
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  • Generate terminal strip with pin "name"?

    Hi. I generate a terminal strip, as you can see in annex 3, but the information described there in I write manually because the terminal strip appears only from which component comes. I would like to know if you have...
    Facecontrol Automacao
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  • The Electrical Project feature of SolidWorks Electrical

    I use SolidWorks Electrical to format my entire project - any installation drawings, cut sheets, user manuals, and certification documents of our specific products.   Is there a way to associate particular docum...
    Nelson Ouzts
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  • attribute text line return AKA text wrap

    Is it possible to have text filled in an attribute automatically wrap, or go to a second line?   For example, in this title block snapshot, I want the text filled in from the attribute #PROJECT_TZ_0_L1 to form a...
    Kurt Turner
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