• What circuit type do you assign to a double throw contact?

    I am starting to define parts and symbols.  I have  a number of switches and relays I use that have circuits where each circuit has three connection points; Normally Open, Common, and Normally Closed.  ...
    Kevin Bouwman
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  • Issues with Solidworks Electrical Routing

    I am trying to find out if there is any other company/person that is using SolidWorks Electrical to create Harness's and are you seeing the same thing as I am. Plus to build a group for SolidWorks Harness people to ge...
    Patrick Ellis
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  • How do i find a manufacturer part electrical symbol online

    I have a SCHURTER KMF1.1191.11 power entry module with fuses and a disconnect. Is there a resource that has the symbol or similar symbol that can be downloaded and added to the Scheme drawing sheet?
    Robert Hubbell
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  • SWE crashing when using origin destination

    Hi Everyone,   My colleges and i have had this happen quite a few times now,   When setting origin/destinations when we're going quick occasionally SWE will just crash giving a dump process which begins a ...
    Craig Lemon
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  • Saving revision notes when importing or copy/paste into a different project.

    I want to be able to pull in drawings from old SWE projects into a new project, and keep the revision notes on the old drawings. Is there an easy way to do this?  On a slightly related note, can revisions be bul...
    Kurt Turner
    created by Kurt Turner
  • Routing guidelines don't update when schematic is changed (using SW Elec 2018)

    I noticed when I was routing a large harness that one of my guidelines was going to the wrong connection point. I realized that my schematic was incorrect, so I updated it so that the cable was going to the correct fr...
    Jason Lieving
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  • Multicolored (striped) wire in 3d routing (Solidworks Electrical)

    Hey all. I'm using Solidworks Electrical Schematics to generate my wire harness in 3d. I've looked around for the option to added multi-colored wire to the 3d wire routing to match the wire color as defined in the SW ...
    Jason Lieving
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  • How can you add further address information in project properties?

    Hi all, in SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL SCHEMATIC I want to add more information about customer in a new front page template. By default I have 3 address lines where I can fill in name/street/city for example. Now I need fur...
    Martin Denk
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  • Not able to select dynamic connector

    In and Electrical Schematic I'm able to insert a Molex connector the "Root" under component properties show as "J" and I'm able to pick from the Dynamic Connector pull down in the Connector Dynamic Insertion. However ...
    Rui Frias
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  • Schematic wire color after associated with a cable

    Hello all,    Is there a way to keep the wire color in the schematic graphics after you add associate wire to a cable core? Attached are before and after pictures.    Yes, we are changi...
    Jason Petras
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  • How to modify the default property of new symbols template(which is *.dwg format)

    hello,guys. version is 2018. the font of default font of new symbol template has two kinds (standard & TAHOMA_STANDARD),everytime I draw a new symbol, I have to add customized font to text style manager, is ther...
    Zhou Yi Qiang
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  • SW Electrical Cabinet Layout keeps stretching terminal block symbols

    For the life of me I cannot figure out what is going on.   I have 18 terminal blocks that I want to add.  I have associated a manufacturers part with each terminal block. I have a drawing 2D footprint as...
    Andrew Smagala
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  • Manually creating splices in SW Electrical 2018

    I've poked around online and have seen one other question asked about this with no responses, so I will try again. I am a new user with SW Electrical Schematic and the 3d add-in. I am in the wire harness world current...
    Jason Lieving
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  • How do I get the title block row numbers to continue to next page?

    Hello, I am fairly new to SWE, I was wondering how I could have my row numbers continue from one page to the next. For instance,if the last row on page one is 37, I want the first row of page two to begin at 38. I bel...
    Kyle Johnson
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  • Solidworks Electrical 3d - routing cable core interference

    I have routed a cable with 2 conductors defined as an associated cable core from the schematic. The routed cable shows the conductors leaving the jacket and they are interfering. How do I adjust this to show real life?
    Jason Lieving
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  • Using Bus Bars in SolidWorks Electrical

    Does anyone have a good way of handling Bus bars in SolidWorks Electrical? I thought creating symbols that represent that bus bar in the beginning would work. But it doesn't. Specially if you use multiple sheets for t...
    Patrick Ellis
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  • Identifying title block A4 to A3

    Hello!   I am currently working with Solidworks Electrical Schematics in A4 format. I have one indentifying tittle block suitable for A4 with columns and rows (for the origin-destination arrows and the root name...
    Jose Manuel Amaya
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  • Retag all the components after Root change in classifications manager

    Hello,   In SW Electrical, I can change the root of the components in the classifications manager. But there is a manner to retag all the components in my project with this modification (Ex: Change for all relay...
    Emmanuel Duguet P.Eng
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  • How do I change the grid system for my Schematics?

    I am used to AutoCAD and this is my first project in Solidworks Electrical. I would Like to number my schematics in a similar way but I dont want the Hexagons or Lines.
    Nicholas Nelson
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  • Cable Assignment and Labeling

    Hi everybody ; I want to associate the Label W1 with the assigned Cable (W1_2core cable ) .I want to be seen this cable parameters via the LABEL .but ı cannot achieve this. I want to show that parameters on the schem...
    Furkan Ozata
    created by Furkan Ozata