• How to Measure the Easm in Edrawing ?

    The option has in hidden mode. Not able to measure the model. Kindly suggest me to measure the model. I don't have any original 3D models to measure.  
    Madav Sugumar
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  • Design Checker can't find Hole Wizard?

    Design Checker can't find Hole Wizard? Hole wizard works fine in modeling.
    Paul Ross
    created by Paul Ross
  • M-view drawing with the section

    How would you do this on solidworks on the sheet and make it a M-view drawing with the section just like it is in the picture.
    Bigl Cadking
    created by Bigl Cadking
  • treehouse

    dove posso scaricare treehouse solidworks 2019
  • Design study of interference detection not work properly

    Hello mates,   I am facing problems when I try to use the design study module of SW2012.   As I could see on the website the design study theorically can only check Mass properties, Dimension & Simula...
    Albert Rius
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  • Design Checker Save Report not working - Need SWDCReport.xsl

    When  I select the "Save Report" option in Design Checker, it saves an XML file in a folder, but the XML file is not readable. When I open it in a text editor, I see that it is missing the stylesheet file of SWDC...
    Matt Nagy
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  • Design Checker not loading changed checks and proliferating files

    I've been configuring Design Checker for my office, and have run into some strange and frustrating behavior. We use PDM Pro, and all files for Design Checker reside in PDM Pro, checked in under the Administrator accou...
    Thomas James
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  • Design Checker Questions

    Before I head into the weeds with design checker I wanted to get some feed back on whether what I would like to do was possible and or if people had better ideas.   I've looked at design checker and it seems rat...
    Matt Juric
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  • Deviation Analysis returns a color plot of my part with significant areas browned out and not returning data.  What causes this and how can I fix it?

    Jonah Arnheim
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  • How to use Design Checker to replace old notes with new notes in the 2d drawing

    I can use Design Checker to replace old Standard Template with new Standard Template, and all the notes in the new Standard Template can substitute for the old ones except the left note in the new Standard Template. W...
    Sd Ho
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  • Design Checker hides sheet formats when corrected?

    I'm new to SolidWorks 2018 (and am on SP1), but I have been using the Design Checker in 2015 to standardize sheet formats (among other things).  I didn't use the intervening SolidWorks versions, so I'm not sure i...
    Todd Pederzani
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  • Curves,splines and circles are not read by cnc machine when converted to dxf !

    Hello everyone please i need some help.. I am facing a problem with my cnc milling machine , when i finish a sketch of spline and circles and then save the Drawing as dxf file , after copying the file to the machine i...
    Omar Abdelhady
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  • Simulayt Composites Modeler

    Hi,   Does SolidWorks have an add-in called "Simulayt Composites Modeler"?!   Thank you!, Aero1
    Aero 2000
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  • Check drawing for missing dimensions

    This may have been covered, but can Design Checker look through a drawing to make sure it's fully dimensioned?  The biggest complaint my machinists have is missing dimensions since my company only builds engineer...
    Damon Frashure
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  • I have to do project on deployable structure and have to do frequency simulation of the structure but it kept showing error. How can can I perform this frequency studies on the structure?

    I have to do project on deployable structure and have to do frequency simulation of the structure but it kept showing error.the structure is like panels and i want to do basic structure that the panel are attached to ...
    Hafizuddin Sarji
    created by Hafizuddin Sarji
  • Rename Design Checker

    This may sound lame, but wile you're at it, can you guys change the name of Design Checker to something else? My boss keeps thinking it can actually check your design to see if it works...
    Jeff Hamilton
    created by Jeff Hamilton
  • can design checker check the size of a balloon, can check font of text in balloon, would like them all the same size

    can check font of text in balloon, and then correct them.  would like them all the balloons to be the same size.   if design checker can not is there an easy way to select all the balloon and apply the same...
    Bruce Becker
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  • overlapping arrows

    can design checker locate overlapping arrows or dimension lines?   Thanks Bruce
    Bruce Becker
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  • Build Check fails to load

    I am running SolidWorks 2014 SP3 on several machines and since upgrading to SP3 have had some of these machines fail to launch the Build Checker. Upon launching Build check all appears to work at first but a pop up w...
    Andrew Moore
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  • Design Checker

    I am going through a tutorial for Design Checker function, and I see how it could help to ensure all of the drawings are to standard. But in what ways can it be applied to models?   Is it worth the time setting ...
    Keith Rutter
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