• Feature Properties in SolidWorks

    Hi Gents...   If i'm in a place to check the Design received by a contractor and I need to know who was the actual designer and how many users involved in this design, How may I know this?   It's SolidWork...
    Sherif Soliman
    created by Sherif Soliman
  • BOM override check

    I know that design checker can validate overridden dimensions, does anybody here know if it can validate overrides within a cutlist or BOM or generically any table cell? and if so is there an example? --Matt F...
    Matt Feider
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  • SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list: Vote Now! Voting ends January 15, 2014.

    Hi everyone,   Just a reminder that voting for the SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list ends on Wednesday January 15, 2014. Please be sure to submit your votes as soon as possible to have your opinion heard.  ...
    Salih Alani
    created by Salih Alani
  • SolidWorks World Top Ten list: Now open for Voting!

    Hi everyone,   Idea creation is now complete.  We are excited by the number of Idea submissions for the SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list. This year; we have the most submissions ever!   Now’s ...
    Salih Alani
    created by Salih Alani
  • Custom Properties

    I have just created a DC template to check all parts & assemblies for a project and found that I am unable to set up a custom property check to determine if there is any thing other than the default name, a dash o...
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  • Custom Properties

    Has the functionalty been added to Design Checker that allows the user to check for the true/false condition of a custom property, so that one can check to see if any value has been added to a custom property (or just...
    Matthew Lorono
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  • Non-Alphanumeric Characters in Value Field

    When building a Custom Property check using a Text type and the List operator, the only way I can enter a comma delimited list in the Value field is to paste it in from notepad. None of the non-alphanumeric keys work ...
    Scott Hill
    created by Scott Hill
  • DC Task Pane display

    One of our drawing checkers is trying to make use of the Design Checker tool in SW 2008 SP5.0. He setup the criteria and when attempting to perform a check on a drawing the Task Pane tab for DC comes in blank and the ...
    Steve Prodger
    created by Steve Prodger
  • Where is Design Checker?

    Hi, I went to look for the "Design Checker" but was unable to find it in Solidworks anywhere. Is this included in all 2008 versions, or is it a seprately purchased add-in, or??? I am currently running 2008...
    Kurt Gaetano
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  • Welcome

    Hi Folks - This new group is for questions, comments, etc. for SolidWorks Design Checker. SolidWorks Design Checker is an add-in that verifies design elements such as dimensioning standards, fonts, materials, and ...
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  • Interference Detection

    Can I print out the Interferencecalculations and show them to my checker for verification of nointerference? Also...is there a way to check the parts of an assembly forinterference if you want to take into account ...
    ernie lorenzo
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  • Detect dangling dimensions

    It appears that the current version of the Design Checker provides no option for detecting dangling dimension errors in a drawing document. Am I incorrect?
    John Picinich
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  • Detecting over-ridden dimensions

    Over-ridden dimensions have been a big problem for us in thepast. Seeing this option in the Design Checker would appear tosolve our problem. It detects if the 'override value' box in the'Primary Value' option has been...
    maurice bellando
    created by maurice bellando
  • SolidWorks Utilities

    Hi All, First, I couldn't find a category for problems using SW Utilities, so that's why I'm posting here. My problem is when using the compare geometry I get a fault saying "xxxx.sldprt failed SolidWorks check...
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  • Traverse assembly, perform checks?

    Nice- Thanks!!
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  • Enhancement Request

    I originally posted this on the SW Explorer Group, now I’m thinking this should be a function of the Design Checker. Any thoughts? "Hello- I would like the ability to Display and Report which Configuratio...
  • Design Checker install

    Here is an SPR that ou VAR found please read through and let me know if this fixes the problem: 284097 SolidWorks Design Checker can not be installed via silent installation from admin image. Implemented With the ...
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  • SURVEY: We want your feedback

    Hi Folks, If you use SolidWorks Utilities, Design Checker, FeatureWorks or Task Scheduler, we'd like to hear from you! We are interested in understanding how you use these tools and what improvements you would l...
  • newcomer

    hello all i m new to this forum, is anyone here kind enough to tell me more mechine designing forum? regards! Daniel
  • Build check suggestion

    Hello Rob- RE:" I have a user that has AutoCAD experience and just loves to overide drawing dimensions because "thats the way they did it in AutoCAD". I don't want them doing this in their SW drawings, I want them ...
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