• Custom Toolbox item properties & costing

    I am setting up my own toolbox library of our standard fixings. Some I have copied from existing, some I am building, but the ones I am making have none of the Standard Properties as per the ones already in the libra...
    Andrew Davey
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  • Variable Cost per-distance on radiused Sheet Metal bend?

    I'm attempting to set up a costing template for our shop and I'm having some difficulty. For stardard minimum-radius bends, we use a press brake, but for larger radii, we actually roll the metal, and the time/cost for...
    Erika Ahlswede
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  • Can i get the formulaes used in the Solidworks Costing ?

    Hello,   I am looking for a costing formulae used so as to cross-check the costing value.   Regards, SVB
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  • Change the material cost's unit

    Can i change the material cost units from (currency)/kg to (currency)/m^3
    Gilang Argya Dyaksa
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  • Costing; Materials, Setup, and Run Time, Oh My

    While costing is a great concept and I do appreciate it's attempt to make design to costing possible. It's lacking a good starting point to work from.   I understand that each shop has it's own methods to costi...
    Derek Eldridge
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  • Exclude enveloped components from costing

    I have an assembly that I'm trying to set up Costing with, that has a number of Enveloped components; They are used extensively to define the shape and arrangement of the existing parts but they aren't actually really...
    Erika Ahlswede
    created by Erika Ahlswede
  • SW Costing Tool - change the order of Custom Operations

    Hi, Is it possible to reorder the list containing the Custom Operations? And when adding new operations it would be nice to insert them anywhere in the list where "they belong" below similar operations etc. I hope ...
    Peter Larsen
    created by Peter Larsen
  • Can configuration based structural weldment's be used with costing?

    I am trying to setup a new template for structural members, and I cannot add a configuration based profiles. When I set the standard column to my folder/parts, it comes up as a blank file in the profile column.  ...
    Kyle Blough
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  • Costing template changes won't save

    I can't get the costing template to save changes. Has anyone else encountered this?
    Craig Sink
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  • Costing (ASM) makes SW crash - creates thousands of TEMP-files!!!

    Hi,   When working with ASMs and sub-ASMs in Costing, I too often experience that when a sub-ASM is calculated, saved & closed and the parent ASM appears, the following happens: TEMP Costing Template files ...
    Peter Larsen
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  • How can I change style for Costing Report - Excel?

    Hello,   I would need to change style of Excel sheet for Costing Report in SW2016. First problem - I can't find .xlsx Report template, only .docx. Please, is it possible to help with this topic? Thank you. ...
    Marek Racz
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  • how can i set up a time for sheet metal operations in costing?

    Hello Everyone,   I am trying to configure a costing template for sheet metal but i can`t find where to define time for specific operations. In machining template there is a column "Time per Cut Length". When...
    Krzysztof Pluta
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  • Is there a way to apply bends to all materials?

    Is there a way to use costing to apply bend cost regardless of material and gauge? Bend cost is standard at our company and it's wildly inefficient to have to put every single material and gauge in the table for no re...
  • Is there a way to direct "Costing" to include ALL weldment profiles?

    The "profiles" available in the template do not include all of the profiles in my structures; i.e., W-beams. I have pointed all file locations to the expanded ANSI weldments folder I downloaded from SW.
    Art Thorsby
    created by Art Thorsby
  • How do I activate the costing feature?  I am running solidworks premium office.  Is it included?

    I can't seem to activate the costing feature.  When I select the icon the icon it tells me it's not activated and cannot be launched.  Is this function available with solidworks premium office?  If so h...
    Eric Lavoie
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  • Is there anyway to nest different parts together in the assembly costing?

    Is there anyway to nest different parts together in the assembly costing? We are trying to setup solidworks costing for small quantity sheet metal/ weld assemblies. The issue we are having is that the nested feature d...
    Justin Reule
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  • Using costing tool for other materials Eg. Wood

    Hi,   Does anyone know if there is a way to use the costing tool on any other materials other than the standard: Steel, Aluminium, Plastic & Copper. In this case I want to cost the price of buying and machin...
    Claire Cox
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  • Costing drill holes in structural members

    I'm trying to run costings on structural members but it seems impossible to include drill holes in the calculations. I am using my own profile and material and have (as far as I know) set up the required process in t...
    Andrew Davey
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  • How to assign a cost to a purchased part?

    Various parts in my assembly are purchased from vendors, and so I just want to assign a single cost to these parts rather than have Solidworks try to price the piece based on material etc.... Is this possible?
    Andrew Kuchta
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  • Sheet metal costing $/cut time feature?

    Hello,   I am currently trying to set up a custom sheet metal costing template and I have a couple of issues. I am trying to calculate the company's burden(overhead per machine time) within the template. I don't...