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Kyle Blough
I am trying to setup a new template for structural members, and I cannot add a configuration based profiles. When I set the standard column to my folder/parts, it comes up as a blank file in the profile column.  If I set the profile as ansi configurations and size as tube rectangular, it does not show a thickness/size.  Is it possible to use… (Show more)
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Craig Sink
I can't get the costing template to save changes. Has anyone else encountered this?
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Peter Larsen
Hi,   When working with ASMs and sub-ASMs in Costing, I too often experience that when a sub-ASM is calculated, saved & closed and the parent ASM appears, the following happens: TEMP Costing Template files are continously being created here:  C:\Users\peter.larsen\AppData\Local\Temp   and you cannot use Costing while this happens (see attached… (Show more)
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Marek Racz
Hello,   I would need to change style of Excel sheet for Costing Report in SW2016. First problem - I can't find .xlsx Report template, only .docx. Please, is it possible to help with this topic? Thank you.   Marek   EDITED BY MODERATOR: Moved to the Costing space. Please post to the appropriate space when one exists. The MySolidWorks space is… (Show more)
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Krzysztof Pluta
Click to view contentHello Everyone,   I am trying to configure a costing template for sheet metal but i can`t find where to define time for specific operations. In machining template there is a column "Time per Cut Length". When i open other template (for a sheet metal) there are diferent columns. is there an option to calculate a time for sheet metal… (Show more)
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Valerie Sonnenberg
Is there a way to use costing to apply bend cost regardless of material and gauge? Bend cost is standard at our company and it's wildly inefficient to have to put every single material and gauge in the table for no reason. Is a blanket bend cost supported? 
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Art Thorsby
Click to view contentThe "profiles" available in the template do not include all of the profiles in my structures; i.e., W-beams. I have pointed all file locations to the expanded ANSI weldments folder I downloaded from SW.
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Eric Lavoie
I can't seem to activate the costing feature.  When I select the icon the icon it tells me it's not activated and cannot be launched.  Is this function available with solidworks premium office?  If so how would I activate it?
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Justin Reule
Click to view contentIs there anyway to nest different parts together in the assembly costing? We are trying to setup solidworks costing for small quantity sheet metal/ weld assemblies. The issue we are having is that the nested feature doesn't seem to work well with quantities of one (or any small quantity).We are trying to have the assembly calculate the costing… (Show more)
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