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Blake Reeves
Hello Everyone,   My name is Blake Reeves and I am a newer member of the SolidWorks Product Definition team. I wanted to simply introduce myself to you all, especially those of you interested in Costing since this is my primary focus at the moment. A little background information: as a recent Mechanical Engineering Design graduate from Worcester… (Show more)
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CJ Wilson
Hello,   I am trying to create a costing profile to help create more consistent quotes. I am editing within the Machining Costing Template Editor. For some reason whenever I am making a new entry under "Structural Member" for "Materials", I can't select a profile for the entry. I can set a value in all the cells except for profile. When I click… (Show more)
in Costing
Hello,   I am looking for a costing formulae used so as to cross-check the costing value.   Regards, SVB
in Costing
Gilang Argya Dyaksa
Click to view contentCan i change the material cost units from (currency)/kg to (currency)/m^3
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Derek Eldridge
While costing is a great concept and I do appreciate it's attempt to make design to costing possible. It's lacking a good starting point to work from.   I understand that each shop has it's own methods to costing a job, so creating a default end all template would be practically impossible. But I'm looking for a baseline that can at least get me… (Show more)
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