• Question about milling a hole (SolidWorksCAM)

    Ok here is another question. I have a 3/4 inch hole I need my machine to mill out instead of drilling. My question is this. If I have an 1/4" end mill can I have the software mill just the outside perimeter and let a ...
    Andrew Haney
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  • Duplicate Identical Files Appearing in Solidworks 2020 PDM

    My company recently switched to Solidworks 2020. Since the change, files in the PDM will periodically appear duplicated. When one of the pair is checked in/out or deleted, the change happens to the other, identic...
    Dylan Cassady
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  • Using end mill to mill a hole instead of drilling (SolidWorksCAM)

    Hello I am New to solidworksCAM so I have a few dumb questions. I set up my tool crib to the tools I have. I need to drill a 7/8" hole and my largest drill bit is a 3/4" but I have a  1/8" flat end bit in my cri...
    Andrew Haney
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  • System check warning

    Anyone know what's wrong it is ?  i want to upgrade my SW 2019 to SW 2020 but when i finished installing SW, only several products is updated
    Gilang Argya Dyaksa
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  • Why can't I create connection points in my parts?

    I am new to the routing features in solid works and have been getting acquainted with the default connection types and am now attempting to add my own parts to our library to use in our machine models. I had one succe...
    Keller Murray
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  • SolidWorks Visualize issue

    I'm trying to render some images of this item of gym equipment. I'm fairly happy with the colours but I have an item that is polished stainless steel but when I render it, it doesn't show up. I'm fairly new to renderi...
    Merill Readett
    created by Merill Readett
  • installed solidworks

    hi, how to installed solidworks in windows 8 operating system. please provide me the link of free software of solidworks.
    Mukesh Dubey
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  • フィレットするとエッジが消える

    四角い押出のエッジをフィレットすると フィレットしたエッジが消える 非表示状態の様になっているのでマウスを持って行くとオレンジ色の線が出ます が普通にフィレットしたRの始まりと終わりのエッジを出す方法が解りません 御教授よろしくお願いいたします
    Takumi Shogaki
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  • Why do my renders look like this?

    My preview and final renders look like this, and the resolution is at 1920x1080, the render quality is at best for both preview and final.
    Marco Skriver
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  • SolidWorks PDM Add-in Crashes Window

    My C# add-in works, but it kills the Windows Explorer or PDM Search Tool window upon completion.   The add-in is a simple menu command on a single file:    Pull a variable value    REST ...
    Trayer Wiley
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  • Which post processor works for an Anilam 1400m?

    @solidworks CAM
    Design Willsie
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  • Solidworks 2020 SP2.0 MBD (Dimxpert), cone and intersect planes for bore depth

    What are some of the MBD approaches to dimensioning the depth of a bore that has an angled shoulder (not certain what to call this internal profile, like a counterbore with a chamfered/countersunk bottom)… Pict...
    James Klyne
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  • Why does my user defined fan not change velocity when CFM changes?

    I went back to a basic design using Flow Simulation using an external analysis.  I have an round insulator disk (radius is 30mm) being used as a lid for a simple user defined fan.  Outlet and inlet ports hav...
    Mike Wyborny
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  • Unable to edit Templates with Solidworks MBD add on

    I have a user that is having the issue stated above. They can open the template editor, but then none of the "File" options have functionality. When they click "open" to access previously modified templates, the templ...
    Arthur Carranza
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  • Solidworks Cam Stock manager is just a blank window

    I am attempting to use Solidworks Cam on a trivial part and I find the Stock manager is just a blank window. It doesn't look like the demos. There are no controls on the form. Any ideas?   I uninstalled and then...
    Steve Fuller
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  • Export BOM with thumbnail images into excel

    I'm looking for a solution to export a Bill of Materials with thumbnail images into excel.   I know there used to be a solution for this with SNP-Technologies.fi but this website seems to be down and I can't fin...
    Aaron Bates
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  • Does anyone know why there are no nylon insert lock nuts in the toolbox? Can I add them?

    We use lots of lock nuts but, I didn't see any in the toolbox. I'd like to add them if possible.
    Emily Logan
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  • 3d experience marketplace files download

    I'm trying to open Files in 3d experience marketplace and the files is just in downloading state as a deprecated file. Nothings downloads and the part never opens up. Anyone understand what is going on?
    Thomas Cashin
    created by Thomas Cashin
  • SolidWorks simulation error

    Greetings dears, I am new in the solidworks environment, therefore I would like to ask about an Add-in. I am using solidwork 2013 Educational version but does not contain the Simulation Add-in. Should I buy it or it ...
    Diary Rashid
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  • TubeWorks add-in or alternative?

    Is there a SW add-in that would do the following?   Extract information such as bend angles and rotations from an imported part (e.g. IGS, STEP, or ParaSolid) or a native SOLIDWORKS file.   XYZ Data f...
    Art Garibay
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