• Is there an addin available for purchase puts the PDM version on the face of a drawing at checkout?

    I have been asked to put the PDM version of a part or assembly on the drawing.  I need it to reflect the current version, so cannot update the variable with a transition.  I read several previous forum posts...
    Karen Brunke
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  • Anyone who has tried installing Solidworks 2020 PDM Pro on a SQL Server 2019

    Our 2012R2 Server is to old to install Solidworks 2020 PDM Pro - we then need to upgrade our servers but in the requirements they only show SQL Server 2017 - we have been offered the SQL Server 2019 we would like to...
    Kenneth Staal Egebech
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  • What add on is needed for tool

    What add in is needed for tool & die design using solidworks 3d?
    Steve Wilming
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  • Tool box parts rebuilding into a weird shape

    Hi all, I have had this problem before and none of the previous answers worked. I have an error where my toolbox items do not build properly and end up with odd shapes. My toolbox is already pointed to the correct ...
    Calum Conduit
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  • HSMWorks

    Using HSMworks Premium for Solidworks, with a Axiom CNC Router. Newbie with HSMworks and this Router.   I have attached photos of our problem. We have created a toolpath that looks exactly like what we want us...
    Dacia Monroe
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  • HSMExpress, HSMWorks add in experience with SWKS

    Reviewing HSMExpress 016, and free trial of Works.  Running in SWKS2014 anyone running this Cam add in with no problems in any version of SWKS? 
    Kurt Bonk
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  • How to get 2D footprint and 3D model of a component, in solidworks electrical schematic, when they are not available online?

    How to get 2D footprint and 3D model of a component, in solidworks electrical schematic, when they are not available online?
    Manoj S.
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  • PDM : Addin : How to get all BOMs for selected assembly file ?

    Hello Everyone,   I developed one add-in in C#. i am able to get products information successfully for selected file of PDM Vault.   Now Can anyone please assist me in how to get all BOMs for the selected ...
    Dipak Shah
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  • SetSelectionFilters Method work incorrect

    Hey everyone,    I am working on creating a add-in that uses the SetSelectionFilters (IPropertyManagerSelectionbox) method (in solidworks 2019).   The problem I am running in to is that the Se...
    Asa Fedina
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  • How can i get selected file's from list of Transitions when changing state instead of all FILES in transitions ?

    Hello Everyone,   How can i get the selected file from list of files from popup when changing state in PDM VAULT?   see below figure.   Thanks in advance!   Amen Allah Jlili 
    Dipak Shah
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  • Thicken a complex surface from power surfacing add in

    Hello guys,   I am a new user of power surfacing and tried to roughly model a corvette ZR1. The problem is that i cannot thicken the little part i made. Any tips or advices to create smooth surfaces using this a...
    Pascal Turcotte
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  • How do I select and Delete a Bom table from an assembly? (vb.net)

    I have been wrestling with this "Simple problem" for some time and I am just not getting it. Pretty straight forward, I have inserted a BOM into an assembly to gather information from the said assembly, and at the end...
    Josh Hixon
    created by Josh Hixon
  • cam option disappeared

    My cam option is just gone from my solid works 2019.   How do i retrieve it, ive already rebooted my machine a couple times 
    Brendan Schwindt
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  • RemoveMenuPopupItem2() not working

    Hi, I have added a pop-up menu by using following API. pSwApp->AddMenuPopupItem3(docType, addinID, swSelectType_e::swSelBODYFEATURES, L"Testing", callBack, enable, hint, customNames, &cmdIndex).   I wan...
    Mahadev Dharme
    created by Mahadev Dharme
  • mbd dimensions disappearing

    Can anyone explain why I place basic dimensions on a feature on in direction but if I try in another they disappear. I was able to create the 17.88 and 15.10 dimensions and move them to the bottom view with no issue. ...
    Chris Walk
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  • Issue while adding temporary bodies in regenerate method of macro feature?

    Hi,   I have already created a macro feature in part document. I have created temporary bodies(wire, sheet) in the regenerate method as output geometries and it works well.   Now, I want to create a macro ...
    Mahadev Dharme
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  • How to get features in assembly document?

    Hi,   I have added some macro features in the assembly document. I want to retrieve added macro features from an assembly document. I have used API IModelDoc2:: IFirstFeature() and then IFeature:: IGet...
    Mahadev Dharme
    created by Mahadev Dharme
  • How to calculate bounding box of face at assembly level?

    Hi,   I have one assembly file having two parts. I want the bounding box of the face present in the assembly file. I have used API IFace2:: IGetBox() and also applied the transformation of IComponent ...
    Mahadev Dharme
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  • we need a way to get number of bends in BOM of a pipe "Routing"

    we need a way to generate number of beds of a pipe in the BOM by using bends not elbows in pipe routing.
  • Queue Server unable to Connect

    Greetings! I am having trouble with the Queue server from Solidworks Visualize. When I try to send a render to the server, it keeps giving an error that says "Unable to connect to Queue Server". Does anybody know why ...
    Ricardo Asencio
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