• SolidWorks 2020 version, it is not rendering at all.

    I updated to the latest version and now I am unable to render the 3D model. It shows the rendering window for second or two and it goes away. It doesn't render at all. What can I do to fix that? Thank you.
    Zoran Lovric
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  • Incompatible solidworks version detected. customtools 2019

    Hi, While opening SW 2020 after installed I received pop-up message: Incompatible solidworks version detected. customtools 2019" I´m not sure what to do / solve - any comments ??   Reg. Leif
    Leif Gyrud
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  • How to get a mass value of assembly in the Form of Driveworks Solo

    Deepak GuptaSOLIDWORKS Add-Ins
    Vinoth Kanna
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  • Can not disable add-ins Solidworks 2019

    We just upgraded to 2019 from 2018.  In 2018 I was able to disable all the unused add-ins to save program load time.    To disable unused add-ins (namely CAM), I navigate to Tools=>Add-ins and un-ch...
    Bill Burns
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  • How to add an icon for add-in present Tools/Add-Ins?

    Hi,   I want to add icon for the add-in present in Tools/Add-Ins option. Please refer snapshot for more details. Is there any way to add an icon? Please let me know?
    Mahadev Dharme
    created by Mahadev Dharme
  • inspection compare options

    how do we know the change in value with revision drawings by using solidworks_inspection.  
  • CNC Masters Post Processor

    Has anyone purchased a CNC masters Milling Machine? I recently purchased a supra.    I'm looking for a post processor.  I've been told its simlar to fanuc, but fanuc has a ton of extra features. ...
    Vikram Patel
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  • SolidWorks PDM Add-in Crashes Window

    My C# add-in works, but it kills the Windows Explorer or PDM Search Tool window upon completion.   The add-in is a simple menu command on a single file:    Pull a variable value    REST ...
    Trayer Wiley
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  • CAM Error 9 and Error 105

    While trying to generate toolpaths for a mesh I encounter the following errors: In the Cam Message Window I get : "Generating Z Level1[T14 - 0.079x2.00° Ball End Tapered] : Error 9: 3 Axis toolpath not generat...
    Zavie Kucer
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  • Solidworks 2018 CAM Error 105

    I'm trying to generate a set of 3 axis toolpaths for a simple 3D surface using Solidworks 2018 CAM.   The process I've used is as follows: 1. Choose 3axis Milling Machine, Set up Stock in the Stock Manager, Ch...
    Ian Kuipers
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  • SolidWorks 2019 crashes when I open parts from Toolbox

    Hello,   Unfortunately, my SolidWorks (2019 SP4) crashes every time I drag and drop parts from the toolbox. Also when I open assemblies, which constist of missing Toolbox parts SolidWorks crashes. I have complet...
    Bernd Schuster
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  • Export model as gltf (for Augmented Reality)

    Hi, for a project I need to export my Solidworks model as gltf (for Augmented Reality). I only have SW 2015 so I cannot export it directly. When I use another programme to convert the model into gltf, the metal finish...
    Merle Bruhn
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  • Why am I getting a connection dot on an unterminated wire?

    I tried mirroring a pattern of wires and that gave me connection dots on "L" shaped wires. So I deleted the mirror. Now trying to redraw but I either get no wire or I get a connect dot on the end (where no wire is con...
    Lynne Toland
    created by Lynne Toland
  • Use a GCM in SolidWorks Electrical Schematic drawings

    I am trying to figure out what is the best way to represent a GCM196 from New Eagle in a schematic drawing with in SolidWorks Electrical. It has 2 sides which are A (has 105 pins) and K (has 91 pins). What we did in t...
    Patrick Ellis
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  • mbd dimensions disappearing

    Can anyone explain why I place basic dimensions on a feature on in direction but if I try in another they disappear. I was able to create the 17.88 and 15.10 dimensions and move them to the bottom view with no issue. ...
    Chris Walk
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  • Solidworks PDM keeps trying to open database when I'm offsite causing errors

    Hello!   Currently using SOLIDWORKS - Student Edition 2019, previously had 2018. I am using PDM for a large project at my university. However, whenever I go home, PDM is always trying to open the database and pr...
    Connor Leclaire
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  • How can I restore the slip on welded flange library, If I have modify it by mistake?

    Hello,   I was changing some of the dimensions of the slip on welded flange to save it as a new part, when I have saved it by mistake, causing the modification of it on the library and in all the assemblies. How...
    Jesus Sánchez
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  • Photoview 360: Save scene and lighting settings

    In SW 2019 with Photoview360 I want to render several models with the same scene and lighting settings. I want to save the settings so I can import them in the other models. The save options is greyed out, see ...
  • Is there any event when we edit the extrude in part file?

    I want an SolidWorks event when I edit extrude in part document? Is there any event present?
    Mahadev Dharme
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  • Does anyone use The Steel Detailer (TSD) addon?

    We are looking to add a steel detailing addon to SW. TSD looks like the best fit for us. Please share your thoughts on any steel detailing addon. Thanks!
    Jake Irvin
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