• Pipe route (3d sketch) disappears.

    When using piping routing, I use the feature "start at point" often. I am working in a fairly large piping assembly. I added a new point, began sketching to it. I realized I wanted to invert the path (start at the ter...
    Travis Heinicke
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  • Add Menu Item To SolidWorks

    Can anybody help?   Does anybody know if it is possible to add an item where I have shown on the attached file?   I want it to have a heading "Manufacturing Manager" with a sub heading "Dished End" (For te...
    Darren Smith
    created by Darren Smith
  • Can you use zx or zy paths in Solidworks CAM

    I have been doing some experimenting with Solidworks Cam, and I understand that while it has 3 axis procedures, it really only works in 2.5 axes. Is there a way to configure it to run certain toolpaths in the zx or zy...
    Michael Stranks
    created by Michael Stranks
  • Cannot find c++ template project file (in Visual studio 2017)

    I am trying to make a c++ add in following this article: 2018 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Using the SOLIDWORKS COM Non-Attributed Add-in Wizard to Create a C++/CLI Add-in  .   But I cannot make c++ com non-attri...
    Sunmin Lee
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  • bluebeam add-in not working in solidworks

    Got a new pc, installed SolidWorks 2020, Bluebeam 2016.  We have three new identical pc's in engineering.  Bluebeam add-in works on two out of the three.  What gives?  Anyone experience Bluebeam ad...
    Mark Kaiser
    created by Mark Kaiser
  • How do i Learn about common errors messages with solidworks what are my resources?

    I would like to study about Solid works most common errors and solutions as I am doing a test in 3 months what are good ways to learn bout solid works theory
    Yousif Mekha
    created by Yousif Mekha
  • Multiple sheet drawing (Assembly + all parts) in DriveWorksXpress?

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with drawings when I use DriveWorks. I have drawing with three sheets. First sheet is for assembly and others are for parts of that assembly. Now It changes the assembly sheet only when ...
    Ville Kahelin
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  • How to add an icon for add-in present Tools/Add-Ins?

    Hi,   I want to add icon for the add-in present in Tools/Add-Ins option. Please refer snapshot for more details. Is there any way to add an icon? Please let me know?
    Mahadev Dharme
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  • CircuitWorks PCB origin

    Does anyone know if it is possible to specify a different PCB origin in your model that CircuitWorks will recognize and use when you export your 3D model into CW?  You can do this for components by creating a cus...
    Darryl Daniel
    created by Darryl Daniel
  • Solidworks Cam Pro Cost

    I need to know what the cost of Solidworks Cam Pro .  It does not have to be exact.  Just a general idea.  If it is what I think might be worth the value I will contact my Var.   Thanks
    Wayne Schafer
    created by Wayne Schafer
  • Why can't I create connection points in my parts?

    I am new to the routing features in solid works and have been getting acquainted with the default connection types and am now attempting to add my own parts to our library to use in our machine models. I had one succe...
    Keller Murray
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  • How do define the connection points in this new setup?

    I am trying to setup a 3D part for electrical so that I may link it but the electrical component wizard has completely changed and will not allow me to define the connection points. The new setup brings me to a routin...
    John Santose
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  • Migrating toolbox to PDM

    Our toolbox is located on a shared drive on the network, but this has proven inadequate when people are working on remote locations. So we want to move the toolbox to PDM Pro. when it is upgraded anyway. The toolbox h...
    Thomas Voetmann
    created by Thomas Voetmann
  • PDM上でアクティブコンフィギュレーションを切替したい

    E-PDMでチェックインしたアセンブリで、アセンブリを最後に保存した時点のコンフィギュレーションが「アクティブコンフィギュレーション」で表示すると思います。   このE-PDMにヴォルトインまたはチェックアウト状態(設計者が編集できる状態)でSWを開くことなく、アクティブコンフィギュレーションを変更することはできないのでしょうか?
    Yukari Sameshima
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  • I want to change the active configuration in PDM

    I want to change the active configuration in PDM
    Yukari Sameshima
    created by Yukari Sameshima
  • solidworks 2020 disable the cam option at startup

    Solidworks 2020 - disable the cam option at startup. (Add in's are not checked & it still try's to start every time) 
    Kurt Schubert
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  • SolidWorks PDM Add-in Crashes Window

    My C# add-in works, but it kills the Windows Explorer or PDM Search Tool window upon completion.   The add-in is a simple menu command on a single file:    Pull a variable value    REST ...
    Trayer Wiley
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  • How to move subassemblies in VR without moving the whole assembly?

    I created an assembly in Solidworks which contains multiple subassemblies. They are movable in "regular" Solidoworks, but when i launch the assembly in VR and try to move the subassemblies either the whole assembly mo...
    Philipp Schwarz
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  • can we download ebook from var login

    Can we Use our serial key for download ebook from var login?
    Dharmesh Pattani
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  • To make 3D model with point cloud

    Hello guys, I'm trying to reconstruct a 3D model from a point cloud data which is a text file. when I try to open it with mesh prep wizard it creates a bunch of little pieces rather than creating complete geometr...
    Sajilal Nair
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