• Extension Line Break

    I can't get any extension line to break here is the options I have set and it says it is broke if I right click on it. Remove Dimension Breaks comes up it just won't show it and I have tried the Break under the Proper...
    Bigl Cadking
    created by Bigl Cadking
  • edge of the cures

    is there a way on solidworks to get it to show the edge of the cures like inventer does like in this drawing and the bend line
    Bigl Cadking
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  • Overlaping fatten sheet metal

    With the sheet metal is it possible to have a drawing and it will flatten it out but some of it will overlap like this one
    Bigl Cadking
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  • Flex raidus and Angle

    who can draw this with Flex I can't get it at the right angle and radius 
    Bigl Cadking
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  • Windows Azure and 'The archive server could not open windows registry'

    Hi All,   I have encountered this error message a few times first hand, and I want to share what I did to work around it.   I have a Windows 2016 Server running the PDM and then I have my own workstation n...
    Tim Rosendal Halvorsen
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  • Solidworks Flow Addin not opening correct

    Hi   I have a problem with my Solidworks Flow Addin, as you see on the picture it does not open the flow tap correctly.    I have tried to repair my program using the repair in the install. But it did...
    Sigurd Klemmensen
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  • Write Access Issue with #TASK Software

    I'm trying to use this #TASK software for the first time.  See the attached screenshot for details. I can not get he write access function to work with the software.  Any help would be appreciated.   I...
    Shawn Murphy
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  • Random colors for Body, don’t want to color fasteners

    I’m looking for a solidworks macro to use in assembly environment. Upon run the macro, the following should happen.   All parts should be applied with random colors from a set of preselected (light appeara...
    Vivek Ravichandran
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  • 3DExperience World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List

    The 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 SOLIDWORKS Top Ten List is now live!   Please see this link for more details: www.solidworks.com/top_ten   top_ten_ideas top_ten_list 3d experience 2020
    Shayna MILSTEIN
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  • realview无法正常开启

    登 高 赵
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  • Solidworks Professional upgrade but cant find volumill

    I have recently upgraded my Solid works 2019 from Standard to Professional however volumill seems to not be included, do i need to purchase volumill separate or did i mess up with the upgrade install?
    Tyron Geyser
    created by Tyron Geyser
  • Generated Toolpaths are simply wrong in model and simulation

    In SW CAM 2019 can someone please explain to me why [extracting machinable features] => [generate operation plan] => [generate toolpath] => [simulate toolpath] would so poorly define it's curves? I'm just beg...
    Taylor Fulton
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  • SolidWorks 2019 Add-in dialog refresh

    Hi, I'm an engineer working on my Solidworks Add-in.   The problem is even though I unregistered all information of my guid, Solidworks AddIn dialog still showing my addin WITH WRONG PATH and correct name and d...
    Haven Kim
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  • Deleting a Project in DriveWorks Xpress

    This is my first time using DriveWorks Xpress and I have been doing okay. I made a second and third project (for testing) in the same database, and now I want to get rid of them so people don't use them in the future....
    Taylor Wendt
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  • How to route path a cable in the terminals?

    Using Solidworks Electrical 3D I am trying to make the created cable connect to the terminal, but this error message and the cable is not generated. Why is not possible? Can someone help me please
    Adalto Junior
    created by Adalto Junior
  • SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Top Ten List

    Thank you to everyone who has submitted enhancement ideas for this year’s SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten. As a reminder, the idea submission phase will be open until December 12th, 2018.   If you have an idea for...
    Daniel MCGINN
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  • Users of the Electrical Routing Program - a forewarning:

    The SolidWorks Add-in for the Routing program is still err'd. We've been using it for years now - and it has not gotten better in any way. No one wonders why Resellers never push it as a worthy add-on.   &#...
    S. Casale
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  • SolidWorks Routing (most specifically electrical) - is more Problematic than Helpful

    RANT>   SolidWorks Routing (most specifically electrical) - why is this add-on more problematic than helpful? I am not one to complain - but I have to say that the Routing program is complete junk.   It...
    S. Casale
    created by S. Casale
  • Does anyone ells have a problem with Mastercam for Solidworks Lathe

    Hi, please can anyone assist me, i'm struggling to get Lathe working in Mastercam for Solidworks 2018
    Andre Du Preez
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  • Controlling the configuration of a Weldment Part using DriveWorksXpress

    Something that often catches people out when using DriveWorksXpress to control the Configuration of a Weldment Part is the result of their Configuration rule. You must remember to include the <As Machined> or &l...
    Tom Wormald
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