• The definition of assembly model space

    Hi Guy: I am new in solidworks. Does anybody know the definition of assembly model space, I got from the doc : http://help.solidworks.com/2019/english/api/sldworksapi/solidworks.interop.sldworks~solidworks.interop.sl...
    红强 朱
    created by 红强 朱
  • Part Reviewer not working

    Hello All    The Part Reviewer is not working as they are not loaded    attached the file for reference    does anyone knows the issue    i have tried to uninstall and insta...
    Naushad Ali Azim
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  • Error - "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application"

    We recently started having issues with an error message when closing SolidWorks 2020 sp3.  See attached. "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application".   I went on-line and fou...
    Pearl Higgins
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  • How to plot velocity along a surface NOT origin axis - Motion Analysis

    Attached is a simple motion analysis I have created. All seems to work fine, however I am trying to plot the velocity of a point or edge of the box along the top surface of the ramp. I can't see an option for this is ...
    Jacob Murray
    created by Jacob Murray
  • SolidWorks CAM - available machines

    Hi everybody,  I am new to SolidWorks CAM, I started to learn this awesome software but have problem with one thing, I tried to google it but unfortunately couldn't find the answer. Can you tell me ple...
    Kris K.
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  • Add-Ins affecting System Options

    Hello All,   I have recently found that a setting in my options > External References > assemblies> "Update component names when documents are replaced" is changing everytime i open solidworks 2016 ...
    Kyle Jones
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  • frequency curve in solidwork dynamic simulation

    have one compressor mounting plate to support compressor. compressor runs 1450RPM @ 50HZ, compressor weight is 94kg, when I want to use solidwroks dynamic simulation to do harmonic analysis, how can I input frequency ...
  • Solidworks 2020 error Exel table.

    Good day. Solidworks 2020 gives me an error with drawings that contain an Exel table.
    Aleksej Lukyanov
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  • Tube routing disappears when exiting sketch

    I've been doing the tube routing tutorial and I'm at the point where I'm supposed to create a flexible tube spline routing. I can create it successfully and it shows me a tube body, but when I exit sketch mode, the...
    Chris Radomile
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  • Mate to rotate and move back and forth

    How would you mate this to get it to go in and out the slot and rotate in the circle I used limit distance to get it to go up to the slot and back out. If there isn't a way how can I mate it just to rotate around the ...
    Bigl Cadking
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  • Automatically change dimension two parts

    I have these to differant parts is there a way in an Assembly Drawing that if I change a dimension on one it will change on the other
    Bigl Cadking
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  • Equal Relation to 2 spaces

    Is there a way to add a Equal Relation to 2 spaces on Solidworks I want the spaces between the green lines to stay equal and the the spaces between the red lines to stay equal
    Bigl Cadking
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  • SW CAM detected issue with SQLite DB Engine

    When I start SolidWorks it won't load the SolidWorks CAM add-in. I immediately get an error message say:"SolidWorks CAM detected an issue with SQLite Database Engine..." This started after I moved my computer from wor...
    Sonya Bailey
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  • Extremely slow add-ins loading speed

    Hi, I use Solidworks 2019 with Network license.   The startup time for Solidworks is around 1min. And for the add-ins, it takes really long time to load. For example, Simulation takes about 9mins, Toolbox t...
    Louise Yi
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  • PDF task quality issue

    Good day   I created a workflow in which I there is a transition that converts my drawings to PDF. Everything works exactly as I want it except that the pdf created with the task is not as high quality as when I...
    Louis Fourie
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  • #Task (Sharp Task) batch update drawing revisions

    Hi, I am trying to use #Task (Sharp Task) to batch process a bunch of drawings. I would like to add a new revision to the revision table (this part I can do) and have the new revision displayed in the title block and ...
    Max Betteridge
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  • 标准弯头等ROUTING件的命名修改的方法

    josiah Li
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  • solidworks flex

    can anyone draw this up on solidworks and use the flex 
    Bigl Cadking
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  • Not all of object is showing up on flatten

    I drew up A and bent it into B and when I hit flatten C comes up
    Bigl Cadking
    created by Bigl Cadking
  • Extension Line Break

    I can't get any extension line to break here is the options I have set and it says it is broke if I right click on it. Remove Dimension Breaks comes up it just won't show it and I have tried the Break under the Proper...
    Bigl Cadking
    created by Bigl Cadking