• CircuitWorks not seeing "CWX" coordinate system

    Trying to export a PCB to CircuitWorks. I have a coordinate system named CWX at both the board level and the top level. either works for getting the export coordinate system to match the desired coordinate system. (S...
    Roland Schwarz
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  • I need to build a psb in Circuitworks.

    I need to build a psb in Circuitworks.I have no error in components(no red stars near components) but wheni i press build button in CircuitWorks nothing happened. Solidworks 2016 SP3 return me no error but it even did...
    Valeria Denisova
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  • Help with cwDatabase Error Message

    Might anyone here be familiar with the attached cwDatabase error "The database file is locked database is locked" message?  This came up last evening before leaving work when trying to activate the CircuitWorks a...
    Rich Harder
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  • Circuitworks will not build PCB with components-- only shows board

    Hi All,   When my co-worker opens the .asc file in Circuitworks, he sees what I see-- the PCBA map with components. When he builds that file, he gets an assembly with all of the components properly placed on the...
    Scott Rapoport
    created by Scott Rapoport
  • Silkscreen from IDF v3?

    I'm trying to import a PCB from XL designer, but I can't import the silk screen. My predecessor was able to do it but he didn't say how the only clue I have is jpgs of the silkscreens?   any help would grea...
    Andrew Long
    created by Andrew Long
  • Selecting the "top" of board?

    I am having a tough time orienting my board correctly. Using the circuitworks wizard, regardless of if I select the top or bottom face, the same face will be shown as the "top" within circuitworks. Has anyone here had...
    Matthew Ferrari
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  • Circuitworks - Pads Conversion Process

    I am trying to get the circuitworks - Pads conversion process set up and see that the part number is pulled from the decal name and the description is pulled from the part type in Pads.  Is there a way to have th...
    Chris Baldwin
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  • CircuitWorks Forum

    I'm new to CircuitWorks so I thought I'd try the forum but it seems the last post was a month ago and those before that were as infrequent and often not answered. Is there a better place to ask questions or get help?
    Tim Cables
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  • Modeling in the positive quadrant, CircuitWorks

    I have read/heard that you need to model in the positive quadrant to use Circuitworks. Is this true? If so, why? The origin or 0,0 point on a pcb maynot be in the positive quadrant of the pcb.
    Tony Berger
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  • How to import .asc file which contains multiple decals for components.

    The problem is, when you have multiple decals, then component name (in CW) is concatenated with decal name and decal is repeated as ECAD part number. How can I manage PADS to export a good asc file, or import it right...
    Mikolaj Wiewiora
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  • In Context References in Components Crash CircuitWorks

    I have to use CircuitWorks Daily. The use of any in-context reference in a component crashes CW. Even if the references are broken, it still crashes CircuitWorks. In some instances where it doesn't crash, it inserts e...
    Ryan Foss
    created by Ryan Foss
  • Circuitworks 2016 library problem

    Please help!  Am I missing something or is there a bug? My problem is as follows: After spending time associating parts to the Circuitworks library, I seem to sometimes loose the association once I close the fi...
    John Theiler
    created by John Theiler
  • Circuitworks: Everything is "R"!

    Learning Circuitworks (2014). Having trouble with designators. Even though SW shows my components having different designators according to their properties, they all become "R" designators when imported to CW.
    Roland Schwarz
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  • Circuitworks will not add parts to a library

    Circuitworks fails adding parts to the library.  When trying to extract the part number and name from the solidworks part name (.sldprt file) to populate the library information it never extracts the data and fai...
    Ron Metzger
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  • How to stop circuitworks modifying .sldprt files when it accesses them

    I have all my sldprt files checked into SVN. When circuitworks accesses them, it makes changes to the files. Circuitworks seems to work just as well if I make the sldprt files read only, but what consequences will tha...
    Matt Boland
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  • Circuitworks component library

    I need some help from you about using database library in circuitworks 2014. I have two questions:   1.How can I edit several components at once- components that have the same PART file,   but each have a ...
    Mark Babel
    created by Mark Babel
  • How to disable CircuitWorks Library Component Wizard in solidworks 2015

    How to disable CircuitWorks Library Component Wizard in solidworks 2015
    Alex Oksengendler
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  • How to create a simple PCB with SW & Circuitworks

    Hi,   I am trying to create a simple PCB with the following features:   (1) Base board of some thickness (2) One layer of trace/copper strip on top (3) Some plated through holes   I can draw the de...
    Philip Lu
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  • Circuitworks does not open file in Solidworks 2015 SP1.1

    Although there were not any problems in SW2015 SP1.0, in SP1,1 one cannot open a ECAD file or do anything related to Circuitworks. For example when one tries to open Circuitwork's options or library SW returns with a ...
    Safa Okan
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  • Circuitworks creating empty assemblies (again)

    I had this problem 4 years ago, and I have searched everywhere but can't find how I fixed it.   The Build Model" command runs.   It creates a board part. Even tells me the process is complete.  &...
    Peter Houwen
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