• IDF file import error

    I have been getting error in circuit works while importing IDF files. I tried to edit the EMN file using notepad++. Still the error is not resolved. I keep on getting "Error in board file on line 49116". Does any one ...
    Akshay Akshay
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  • CircuitWorks issue

    Has anyone noticed an issue with CircuitWorks since SW2019 SP2 update? Components placed on boards are not following the CWX co-ordinate system or being placed by the origin. The LED's should be on the opposite side...
    Kevin Pymm
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  • Error creating via/pad

    During the Building Model I get error creating vias/pads. Wondering why is that happening?    Thanks, Milos
    Milos Rankovic
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  • Circuitworks workflow

    How are you using Circuitworks? Is the ME defining the board outline, keepouts, and some major components and then sending it to PCB Layout? What ECAD are you using? How do you handle changes?  What do you make s...
    Carrie Ives
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  • Excessive Time in Generating Board Model

    Hi, We use Eagle to generate a .emn and .emp file, then we build the board model in Circuitworks. In Solidworks 2018, prior to SP3, it would build the model quickly. Starting in 2018 SP3, during the "adding component...
    Andrew Paquette
    created by Andrew Paquette
  • Circuitworks can't find Solidworks

    I have Solidworks Premium 2018 and am able to load in the Circuitworks add-in. However; once loaded if I try to load an ECAD file I get the following error:   "Solidworks was not found on this computer, so ...
    Michael Flynn
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  • circuitworks Placement keep-out option "both" missing

    Trying to come up to speed with circuitworks 2018 with IDF 3.0; when defining the board side for a placement keep out, my only options are "top" and "bottom" even though the IDF 3.0 specification allows for the additi...
    Scott Matheson
    created by Scott Matheson
  • Circuitworks export doesn't keep keepout sketch in the right area

    I'm trying to figure out Circuitworks. I have managed to get my file to export, but some of my keepouts are shifted. Here is what Circuitworks looks like:   Note the light blue circles are not concentric with ...
    Carrie Ives
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  • "Build Model" Generates Parts at Right agles

    I'm sure the solution is relatively simple, but how can I get my model to generate with the parts in the proper orientation? Right now they are being generated like:
    Jason Scherer
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  • how to create a 3d CAD model using circuitworks of a rigid flex pcb?

    Hi All,   I have been working with a Hardware Engineer to create a Rigid Flex PCB in Altium - now I would like to export the PCB with all of the components and be able to bend the flexible parts in order to valid...
    Yariv Land
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  • Board cutout

    I am using ascii file from Pads to generate the board outline. PCB has some cutouts within the board and they are clearly visible in preview of Circuitworks. When the board is build up and transferred into SW there ar...
    Milos Rankovic
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  • Associate model to more than one component

    I am wondering is there a way of associate one model to more than one component in one shot? What I mean is to select more than one component and than associate same model to all of them. Reason asking for this is whe...
    Milos Rankovic
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  • Enable CircuitWorks

    Just installed/Upgrade for Student Version 2018-19.  How do I enable the Add-Ins.  I see 12 of them on SOLIDWORKS Add-Inns tab, but can't do any thing with them
    Robert Thresher
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  • Export board profile/copper to PADS

    Hello,   I am trying to export a copper shape and PCB profile as a DXF to PADS from a part that has been made in Solidworks.  I do not have access to circuitworks. We have been proceeding with the technique...
    John Bankert
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  • How do you open a baseline file in CircuitWorks for a ProStep change file?

    I have the original idx file, which was a test for our board layout. This has been opened, built and saved.   I am attempting to open the next version of the idx file and I get a CircuitWorks error: "A ProStep ch...
    Kevin Casey
    created by Kevin Casey
  • Circuitworks Detailed Overview / Tutorial

    Am attempting to exploit all of the Circuitworks to ECAD and back transfers. Specifically, how to create a MCAD part with naming and coordinate system to get same orientation as ECAD symbol to support transfer and pla...
    Rusty Renkel
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  • Solidworks feature names for proper export to Circuitworks

    Currently working on a PBC assy. where one section on the primary side has a height constraint for electrical components (meaning it can only accommodate a component with so much height) and opposite the primary side ...
    Edgar Nicolas
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  • Export Feature As conductive layer

    I'm trying to export a model to CircuitWorks as a two-sided single layer pcb. This board doesn't have any components, it's simply a board with a conductive layer on top and on bottom, with some via holes through the b...
    Michael Baycura
    created by Michael Baycura
  • Internal ID does not match (CircuitWorks)

    Once creating and saving an assembly model from CircuitWorks, re-opening the assembly comes up with Internal ID's missing.  How can that be if I have only just created it?
    Peter Addicott
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  • Activating Add-ins

    I want to try the Circuitworks add-in but I cant find it anywhere. From the CAD Matrix (picture attached) I should have a a very good amount of add-ins but if you look at my screenshot I have barely the standard featu...
    David Boydston
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