• moving a library

    I've built or downloading a number of components in SW and placed them in my library. I save them in a directory called "CW Library", and in options/models/ "Save the models Circuitworks creates to these folders" dial...
    Alan Kirkpatrick
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  • Altium to SolidWorks

    At my office we utilize SolidWorks (SW) and Altium which is like Circuit Works (CW). Our engineers cannot figure how to get a single board assembly saved as one part instead of a 400 part assembly. Just give me someti...
    Craig Siebert
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  • Allegro->Circuitworks: Board Outline Not Coming Through in IDX

    My EE assures me that he has everything included in the IDX he generated from within Allegro PCB Design, but when I import it into Circuitworks (IDX or IDF/BDF) there's no board outline. Is anyone aware of why this mi...
    Jason Parker
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  • circuitworks not show board in 3D after build project

    hi, i open IDF file in cicuitworks,when i build the file,the process complete and i see all component in solidworks in 3D but board shape in 2D.i want to see board in 3D after using build project
    Shoab Ahmad
    created by Shoab Ahmad
  • SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list: Vote Now! Voting ends January 15, 2014.

    Hi everyone,   Just a reminder that voting for the SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list ends on Wednesday January 15, 2014. Please be sure to submit your votes as soon as possible to have your opinion heard.  ...
    Salih Alani
    created by Salih Alani
  • SolidWorks World Top Ten list: Now open for Voting!

    Hi everyone,   Idea creation is now complete.  We are excited by the number of Idea submissions for the SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten list. This year; we have the most submissions ever!   Now’s ...
    Salih Alani
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  • SolidWorks World 2014 Top Ten List – Last chance to submit your new ideas before Voting begins on December 16th

    Hello Everyone,   New idea submission will end on December 16, 2013 when we will transition into the voting phase (which will end on January 15, 2014).   Before the December 16, 2013 submission deadline,...
    David Hensel
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  • Import Orcad File in Circuitworks

    how import Orcad file in Circuitworks.
    arvind kumar
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  • Getting error on circuitworks file open dialog.

    Hi. Please help.   I'm using circuit works for some clients. and now it stopped to work. After i'm adding it from add ins menu. I'm trying to open IDF file (that worked before) it open empty window and if i'm...
    Alexei Kositsin
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  • Duplicate Component Names in CW Lib. - which one does it use?

    I'm showing more than on version of a component in the Circuitworks Library, and each has a different part associated with it.  Which one does Circuitworks use, and how/why?  If you look at the picture attac...
    Tony Berardi
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  • Circuitworks

    Hi Solidworkers, I'm having a bit of a problem. When I import a pc board .idf file from Mentor Graphics and import it to solidworks, it comes in fine, but when I make my changes to the part I try to import it back ...
    david claude
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  • error when importing IDF file.

    Hello, I have a problem while importing IDF file from OrCAD to Circuitworks as shown in the attached Snapshot. So If anyone know how to solve that issue or even ha an experience with settings in the Orcad while expo...
    Mohamed Abdel Moniem
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  • Why is Component Offset NOT 0.0

    Hello, I'm new to SolidWorks and Circuits. I'm exporting a SolidWorks model to CircuitWorks and saving as IDF. I viewed the .emn file and noticed some of the THRU-HOLE components have a non-zero offset (components...
    Jeffrey Metcalf
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  • PCB outline from SW to Circuitworks

    I'm trying to bring a pcb that I've drawn in Solidworks into Circuitworks. Here are my steps: Draw a simple sketch outline in Solidworks Extrude it to my board thickness & save it Export it from SW to CW usi...
    Alan Kirkpatrick
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  • Circuitworks Lite - does it still exist?

    Before SolidWorks swallowed up the comapny that produced CircuitWorks there was a free version that worked with all version of SolidWorks that converted the IDF file to a single part. Does this version still exist? ...
    Kevin Quigley
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  • help!  Import changes from Ecad

    Hi All (Sorry I rant a little here) I'm currently using Desktop EDA which I love and works perfectly, but as I just had an upgrade to Premium I thought I might as well give Circuitworks a chance. Especially as Des...
    Rich Thompson
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  • CircuitWorks Import Problem

    I get a "No Geometry" message when importing an Orcad IDF file into CircuitWorks (see attachment). I have sent the problem to my VAR (NTCADCAM) and received the following:   At the moment the problem with ...
    Peter Nichols
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  • Circuitworks within Solidworks

    Hello, Here is my scenario: We are currently utilizing Solidworks 2008 Service Pack 4 in house, and are slow to upgrade do to testing requirements, validation of the next release, and upgrading our server side...
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  • Parts orientation in a SW assembly?

    When I'm trying to use a detailed part I often have to use a trial & error method to get the planes & orientation correct. To see the result of any changes I have to close my SW assembly, and then build it aga...
    Alan Kirkpatrick
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  • Using CircuitWorks in both 2008 and 2009?

    I'm having some trouble running CircuitWorks under 2008 SP5 since I installed 2009 SP2. This is all on XP x64. Long story short, I work at a product development company where moving between releases is driven enti...
    Kyle Gudmunson
    created by Kyle Gudmunson