• CircuitWorks issue

    Has anyone noticed an issue with CircuitWorks since SW2019 SP2 update? Components placed on boards are not following the CWX co-ordinate system or being placed by the origin. The LED's should be on the opposite side...
    Kevin Pymm
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  • Circuitworks workflow

    How are you using Circuitworks? Is the ME defining the board outline, keepouts, and some major components and then sending it to PCB Layout? What ECAD are you using? How do you handle changes?  What do you make s...
    Carrie Ives
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  • Excessive Time in Generating Board Model

    Hi, We use Eagle to generate a .emn and .emp file, then we build the board model in Circuitworks. In Solidworks 2018, prior to SP3, it would build the model quickly. Starting in 2018 SP3, during the "adding component...
    Andrew Paquette
    created by Andrew Paquette
  • how to create a 3d CAD model using circuitworks of a rigid flex pcb?

    Hi All,   I have been working with a Hardware Engineer to create a Rigid Flex PCB in Altium - now I would like to export the PCB with all of the components and be able to bend the flexible parts in order to valid...
    Yariv Land
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  • moving a library

    I've built or downloading a number of components in SW and placed them in my library. I save them in a directory called "CW Library", and in options/models/ "Save the models Circuitworks creates to these folders" dial...
    Alan Kirkpatrick
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  • Altium to SolidWorks

    At my office we utilize SolidWorks (SW) and Altium which is like Circuit Works (CW). Our engineers cannot figure how to get a single board assembly saved as one part instead of a 400 part assembly. Just give me someti...
    Craig Siebert
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  • How do you open a baseline file in CircuitWorks for a ProStep change file?

    I have the original idx file, which was a test for our board layout. This has been opened, built and saved.   I am attempting to open the next version of the idx file and I get a CircuitWorks error: "A ProStep ch...
    Kevin Casey
    created by Kevin Casey
  • Circuitworks Detailed Overview / Tutorial

    Am attempting to exploit all of the Circuitworks to ECAD and back transfers. Specifically, how to create a MCAD part with naming and coordinate system to get same orientation as ECAD symbol to support transfer and pla...
    Rusty Renkel
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  • Solidworks feature names for proper export to Circuitworks

    Currently working on a PBC assy. where one section on the primary side has a height constraint for electrical components (meaning it can only accommodate a component with so much height) and opposite the primary side ...
    Edgar Nicolas
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  • Internal ID does not match (CircuitWorks)

    Once creating and saving an assembly model from CircuitWorks, re-opening the assembly comes up with Internal ID's missing.  How can that be if I have only just created it?
    Peter Addicott
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  • Circuitworks associate 3D model issue

    Dear all   After associating 3d models, it is not placing exactly. I am unable to find the problem.   I kindly request you to please let me know hot to fix this.   Regards, Adarsha Babu
    Adarsh Babu
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  • CircuitWorks not seeing "CWX" coordinate system

    Trying to export a PCB to CircuitWorks. I have a coordinate system named CWX at both the board level and the top level. either works for getting the export coordinate system to match the desired coordinate system. (S...
    Roland Schwarz
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  • Help with cwDatabase Error Message

    Might anyone here be familiar with the attached cwDatabase error "The database file is locked database is locked" message?  This came up last evening before leaving work when trying to activate the CircuitWorks a...
    Rich Harder
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  • Circuitworks will not build PCB with components-- only shows board

    Hi All,   When my co-worker opens the .asc file in Circuitworks, he sees what I see-- the PCBA map with components. When he builds that file, he gets an assembly with all of the components properly placed on the...
    Scott Rapoport
    created by Scott Rapoport
  • Selecting the "top" of board?

    I am having a tough time orienting my board correctly. Using the circuitworks wizard, regardless of if I select the top or bottom face, the same face will be shown as the "top" within circuitworks. Has anyone here had...
    Matthew Ferrari
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  • CircuitWorks Forum

    I'm new to CircuitWorks so I thought I'd try the forum but it seems the last post was a month ago and those before that were as infrequent and often not answered. Is there a better place to ask questions or get help?
    Tim Cables
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  • Modeling in the positive quadrant, CircuitWorks

    I have read/heard that you need to model in the positive quadrant to use Circuitworks. Is this true? If so, why? The origin or 0,0 point on a pcb maynot be in the positive quadrant of the pcb.
    Tony Berger
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  • In Context References in Components Crash CircuitWorks

    I have to use CircuitWorks Daily. The use of any in-context reference in a component crashes CW. Even if the references are broken, it still crashes CircuitWorks. In some instances where it doesn't crash, it inserts e...
    Ryan Foss
    created by Ryan Foss
  • Circuitworks 2016 library problem

    Please help!  Am I missing something or is there a bug? My problem is as follows: After spending time associating parts to the Circuitworks library, I seem to sometimes loose the association once I close the fi...
    John Theiler
    created by John Theiler
  • Circuitworks: Everything is "R"!

    Learning Circuitworks (2014). Having trouble with designators. Even though SW shows my components having different designators according to their properties, they all become "R" designators when imported to CW.
    Roland Schwarz
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