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Milos Rankovic
During the Building Model I get error creating vias/pads. Wondering why is that happening?    Thanks, Milos
in CircuitWorks
Carrie Ives
How are you using Circuitworks? Is the ME defining the board outline, keepouts, and some major components and then sending it to PCB Layout? What ECAD are you using? How do you handle changes?  What do you make sure to include? Do you create a drawing that goes with the CircuitWorks output?   We have Circuitworks, but I'm not sure that there is… (Show more)
in CircuitWorks
Andrew Paquette
Hi, We use Eagle to generate a .emn and .emp file, then we build the board model in Circuitworks. In Solidworks 2018, prior to SP3, it would build the model quickly. Starting in 2018 SP3, during the "adding components to assembly" step it opens every single instance of every component's .SLDPRT momentarily in a separate window. Thus a board with… (Show more)
in CircuitWorks
Michael Flynn
I have Solidworks Premium 2018 and am able to load in the Circuitworks add-in. However; once loaded if I try to load an ECAD file I get the following error:   "Solidworks was not found on this computer, so this license of CircuitWorks for SolidWorks will run as CircuitWorks Viewer."   I recently upgraded from SW2015 so I assume the issue is… (Show more)
in CircuitWorks
Kevin Pymm
Click to view contentHas anyone noticed an issue with CircuitWorks since SW2019 SP2 update? Components placed on boards are not following the CWX co-ordinate system or being placed by the origin. The LED's should be on the opposite side to the connector & resistors. The connector is placed OK but at least two of the R's are in the wrong place. How it's managed that… (Show more)
in CircuitWorks
Scott Matheson
Click to view contentTrying to come up to speed with circuitworks 2018 with IDF 3.0; when defining the board side for a placement keep out, my only options are "top" and "bottom" even though the IDF 3.0 specification allows for the additional option of "both", can someone confirm if circuitworks supports the "both" option or not?   Thank you   IDF 3.0 Spec. CWX… (Show more)
in CircuitWorks