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Benjamin Nemec
New to Solidworks and I use a SB5000 (I know it's old but it functions well and it has buttons)  problem I'm having is every time I open SW the button settings is overwritten.  I can set them using the 3Dconnexion control panel, but they seem to be getting over written.  I'm assuming the 3Dconnexion add-in is doing this.  I tried disabling the… (Show more)
Daniel Fielder
Hi,   Just putting the question out there. What do people suggest as the best progression tool design software for Solidworks. I want it to be integrated in SW so I don't have the hassle of using separate software.   Cheers
Facecontrol Automacao
Hello, I'm doing terminal block drawings for my projects, using the Create terminal block command but wanted help. In the terminal block design, I would like the design of a motor to appear above the terminals that connect the motor. For example, the terminals (X1-4, X1-5, X1-6 and X1-GND - ACCORDING TO ANNEX 2) that connect the motor would have… (Show more)
Alexis Brito
Click to view contentHi, I am trying to use the Routing (electrical) add-on to make a few cable drawings for me, and am coming across a problem where the pinout table is blank on the drawing.  (see image). I have a single C-point, and it seems to get the pinout right of the connector here, nothing I do can make it right in the model side.  I've already tried… (Show more)
Donald Christensen
Click to view contentI am new to the Routing Add-In and I am having issues getting it to work for me. I modeled two simple components, added CPoints, used the routing wizard to add them to my electrical library, and put them into an assembly. However, when I try to use the Auto Route in the Electrical tab it is grayed out. I tried adding in ACPoints (I don't… (Show more)
Jason Smith
Hello All, I'm hoping someone can help me get my 3DConnexion mouse running. The 3d mouse is the latest SpaceMouse Enterprise. I am running the latest driver, downloaded again today. SolidWorks version 2018 X64 Pre Release 1 When I left work this last Friday it was working just fine. I have it automatically starting with SolidWorks. I've… (Show more)
Charles Templeton
I am working with a NPT threaded pipe routing in SolidWorks 2018 SP4.0. I have a piping assembly where there are ends that are free and don't interface with anything. Currently SolidWorks defaults to putting threading on both ends of a route (pipe segment.) How do I disable the threads on the ends that don't interface with anything. I figure there… (Show more)
John Stoltzfus
Is there anyone that is using SW Sell?   Below is a short list of Forum Topics for SW Sell    I wish they would use it here..     Adding Shadows, Reflections, and More with Scene Settings Create 3D Online Configurator Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS Sell How Materials are Applied with UV Coordinates How would you like to provide online… (Show more)
Joshua Dierking
So 2018 was a busy year.  I never got around to installing  SOLIDWORKS 2018.  So I didn't even know about the new CAM.  So upon finding out last week I got around to updating to 2019 Premium.  I first did my old Windows 7 desktop and no luck.  I go to tools > Add-Ins and I see it on the list with the load on startup box checked, and I even saw it… (Show more)
Ryan Delacourt
Hi all,   I am currently designing an Joystick that is integreated into the armrest of a tractor drivers seat, I want the interface of the controller on the joystick to directly face the user. So basically i want a perspective view that the user would see sitting on the chair.   I have seen that on SW visualiser you can play around withthe lens… (Show more)
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