• how to design a medal with text full rounded top

    Hello Everyone!   I am designing a medal like a picture attached. I have used dome features on the logo at the center and that gives a very pleasing shiny look after casting the part I want to do the same to the...
    Aqeel Ahmed
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  • puedo descargar 3D para probar

    puedo descargar 3D para probar
    Barto Sufa
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  • trying to reduce 2012 drawing size

    Attached file is 10 meg, need to reduce file or better is output a less than 1 meg pdf file (ultimatre goal) Jay
    Jay Hitchcock
    created by Jay Hitchcock
  • Is anyone else having trouble contacting 3Dcontentcentral today?

    Is anyone else unable to get to 3dContentcentral? Seems to be down. 
    Lorrie Russell
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  • edit diameter of boss/base

    I have created a simple part, with "extruded boss/base" and wish to edit the diameter of the "circle".    Appears I cannot alter that dimension.
    Joseph Acquisto
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  • Problème de sélection

    J'ai un problème de sélection des faces des composant dans un assemblage chaque fois ce sont des cotes qui se sélectionnent.
    Fr&233 D.&233 Ric Denis
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    David Amelio
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  • I have a 12 in pipe cut at one end at 60 degrees. i want to make a steel plate cap but how can i project the section and make a part. 

    Making a simple plate cap (part) for a 12.75" OD pipe.  I've tried with projections, section cuts, curves, skewed planes, etc to make a part with the elliptical shape but always run into some problem such as a sk...
    Mike McIntosh
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  • wire sequence

    How do I renumber the wires in my cable.  They start 4,3,2,1.  I would like them going 1,2,3,4.
    Steve Rednour
    created by Steve Rednour
  • Display presentation of plane it is not possible turn off.

    In the model driven by configuration table remain display presentation of two planes after off by eye-icon. It is possible off only in the case turn off central presentation of all planes. Display presentation it is ...
    Martin Kousa
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  • Set Mate distance in space

    In an Assembly, I'm trying to set two similar parts a set distance apart in space.  I want to mate them by the center of a hole in each part.  I can mate by distance using the origin of each part, but that's...
    Mike McIntosh
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  • is tronxy compatable with solidworks

    I am looking at purchasing the Tronxy X5SA 500 Pro Multifunctional CoreXY 3D Printer Kit.  Can solid works outputs work as inputs to this printer.  Any known problems with this relationship? SW2019
    Dean White
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  • extrude direction problem

    hi!  im trying to extrude these arcs to make metal covers to the vents. but for some reason it extrude the arcs in the same sketch to different directions.  does anyone know how to fix this? thank you !
    Ofri Kutchinsky
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  • My Tangix TesterPro Client stopped working in the middle of the exam. Will my scores be submitted?

    My Tangix TesterPRO client crashed while I was taking the CSWPA-DT Exam, I was on the 14th Question and had about 45 minutes left. Is there a way for me to get my money/code back, or will it at least submit my scores ...
    Aaron Waskow
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  • Downloader caught in loop and restarts around 200mb

    My Solidworks when I go to download the update on the installation manager resets.  It downloads up to about 200mb of the 2500 MB and then resets to zero.  It cycles about 4 to 5 times and then says would yo...
    David Thornton
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  • how to use low version software open high version file ?

    like title. How to use low version software open high version file ? Such as, Geomagic Design X 2019 1.0 can not open 2019.2.0 create a file. How to export compatible low version files ? Thanks !
    已 叶
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  • How do i make threaded holes on a helical cut surface on a cylinder.

    I am unable to make the threaded holes. I was able to make the holes but could not thread them.The error i got is that "The selected entity is not perpendicular to the thread axis".I get that the holes are not perpend...
    Tanmay Kulkarni
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  • Adding End Conditions to Flex Feature?

    SW 2018 x64 SP 1.0   I'm using the flex feature on a solidworks plastic part, meant to be plastic with live hinges. In what should not have been a surprise to me, the flex operation left unwanted artifacts in p...
    Vincent Moravec
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  • Резьба

    Отображение резьбы в 3D сборках
    Вадим К
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  • Problem with SpaceMouse wireless kit with SW2020

    the CAD mouse and Space mouse was working 100% on 2019. now that i installed 2020 it just dont work. i uninstalled 2020 and back on 2019 but now it dont work there either. i tried to install new drivers,, uninstalle...
    Dave De Villiers
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