• how to use low version software open high version file ?

    like title. How to use low version software open high version file ? Such as, Geomagic Design X 2019 1.0 can not open 2019.2.0 create a file. How to export compatible low version files ? Thanks !
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  • How do i make threaded holes on a helical cut surface on a cylinder.

    I am unable to make the threaded holes. I was able to make the holes but could not thread them.The error i got is that "The selected entity is not perpendicular to the thread axis".I get that the holes are not perpend...
    Tanmay Kulkarni
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  • Adding End Conditions to Flex Feature?

    SW 2018 x64 SP 1.0   I'm using the flex feature on a solidworks plastic part, meant to be plastic with live hinges. In what should not have been a surprise to me, the flex operation left unwanted artifacts in p...
    Vincent Moravec
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  • Резьба

    Отображение резьбы в 3D сборках
    Вадим К
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  • Problem with SpaceMouse wireless kit with SW2020

    the CAD mouse and Space mouse was working 100% on 2019. now that i installed 2020 it just dont work. i uninstalled 2020 and back on 2019 but now it dont work there either. i tried to install new drivers,, uninstalle...
    Dave De Villiers
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  • fold base flange

    Hello, i'm new in the world of solidworks and i have a stupid question. I have made the base of a folding box, i try to close the box but i can't fold the base flange, the principal part of this box, when i go to make...
    Sidney Togu
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  • Is there a way to make a field of view plot from a single point on a body?  I'd like to create a single plot of  /- 90° in elevation and  /- 180° in azimuth.

    I'd like to create something similar to the plot below.  
    Jerret Myers
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  • I get a time out error whenever I try to access my user library. How do I accept the 3d contentcentral terms of service

    When I try to access my user library in Solid Works, I get a time out error pop up and in the window below the design library it reads "You must accept the 3D ContentCentral Terms of Use before access is allowed. Wher...
    Michael Crump
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  • Can one take a photograph portrait and make a 3d model from it?

    I have to make a 3d file to be cut by a CNC router. The file will be the side portrait of a person, and will only be given the side profile photograph and forward facing photograph. I am capable of vectoring the image...
    Leon Lahman
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  • Make tubes from a spine lines frame

    Im building a frame for a hybrid solar car and i cant weld it or use swept feature to transform it on tubular to apply stress analysis, i made it from spine lines using the fairing has guide. The model is attached ...
    Matias Ramirez
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  • How to make a sheet metal fold

    HI Guys   im trying to get these two triangle parts to fold 90 degrees   i cannot use a sketch bend as it wants to bend the entire edge     Can you offer a solution??  
    Adrian Miles
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  • how to make a threaded hole on the assembly

    Hi, how to make a threaded hole on the assembly. This is a welding drawing and I need to drill the hole through several parts. But I don't want it to be  appear on the details drawing. Thank you
    Victoria Pulik
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  • Using 3D scan as a guide

    Hi. everyone. I have this .dwg file of scanned surfaces of a elevator door frame. I need to use it as guide to make covering plates around the frame.    Question: How to use it as a guideline for building p...
    Oleksandr Nikulochkin
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  • Drawing Y-branch from Point Text File

    I am trying to import a text file of points representing the center line of an irregular Y-branched pipe. Any ideas of how to get SW to draw along the line?   I have tried 'curve through XYZ points' but this re...
    Jorge Mirabelli
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  • example solidworks files

    Annular Snap Fit Example Files
    Kurt Schubert
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  • Can i move configuration to another

    I have to re-organize my configuration of a part ( allot of parts) is there a way to move configuration so i don't have to manual make them again. In the example given i need would like to start with 2 configurations ...
    Erik Daniels
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  • Loft or Boundary With Splitting/Diverging Guide Curve

    I am trying to make some advanced duct work for a special application. It requires some very odd section changes, across some fairly intense curvatures. How I've done this type of work in the past, is by making a loft...
    Eli Josephs
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  • I know solidworks well and is my favourite software!!

    I know solidworks well... but how could i utilise that knowledge and make money...! Am Btech MECHANICAL ENGINEERING student.   here is some of my works... MY design works
    Edwin S. Pananthanam
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  • How can I acquire additional plastic materials

    I need to perform stress simulation on plastics that are not in the normal Solidworks collection. How can I download ETFE film characteristics?
    Randall Williams
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  • I want to fit a small sphere on the surface of a bigger sphere.

    Hello everyone,   New to solidworks   I have a sphere of say 0.2 cm diameter, 0.005 cm thick, inside is hollow. I have another sphere of 0.01 cm diameter. I want to fit this sphere on the surface of the bi...
    Deepshikha Bhargava
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