• Casement Window Crank Handle

    I am looking for a casement window crank handle. Does anyone know where I can find a native SolidWorks model of one? I have attached a picture of what I am looking for. Thanks in advance!
    Tony Szuta
    created by Tony Szuta
  • 3D ContentCentral w/ Netscape Error

    We have a user getting the following message when attempting to view a model. "This version of Netscape is not supported for 3D Viewing in 3D ProductPage. Please refer to System Requirements for more information."...
    Bill Cover
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  • Commercial Aircraft Models

    I'm looking for an accurate source of Boeing and Airbus commercial aircraft models (757, 767, 777, 300, 310 etc). I've looked at Turbosquid.com but the resulting Solidworks model is poor. Does anyone know of a good so...
    Marcus Kembel
    created by Marcus Kembel

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  • 3D central won't open

    Hi all. Every time I try to open the 3D ContentCentral I get a message that reads "Unable to establish a connection to the 3D ContentCentral service. To use 3D ContentCentral you must be connected to the internet. ple...
    David Claude
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  • Any model of asmall finished good

    I need something to give my design some scale. Anyone have something I can use. 3D Content Central does not have what I am looking for. Andrew
    Andrew Nelson
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  • 1932 Ford Coupe

    I don't know if I'll have any luck, but is there a car person out there who's taken the time to model a 1932 Ford Coupe? It doesn't need all the inner workings, I'm primarily looking for exterior body contouring.
    Alan Knapper
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  • Anyone have a Hospital bed model??

    I purchased one that is an obj file but Solidworks won't import it properly. Tried opening and saving in Rhino but didn't help. I'm looking for a decent, realistic hospital bed model, preferably a newer Hillrom. Anyon...
    Chris Ross
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  • Ford 302 V8 Engine

    Does anybody have a Ford 302 V8 long block (with heads) drawing? I really need one for mocking up brackets. Much appriciated. Thanks
    Laurence Casey
    created by Laurence Casey
  • 10' container

    I'm currently working on a project where we're going to build a winch into a 10 foot container. I've found lots of 20' and 40' containers on 3D Content Central, but from the comments I read that they're not accu...
    Stig Morten Thu
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  • Wii Steering Wheel

    Has anyone modeled a Nintendo Wii steering wheel?
    Ken Johnson
    created by Ken Johnson
  • Has any body got a model of a water jet and a V8 engine?

    Hi, I'm currently modelling up a sprint boat (watre jet boat) and I was wondering if any has got or knows where to find a model of a water jet and a performance engine ie a V8. Regards Michi
    Michi Speck
    created by Michi Speck
  • Empty pop-up on "part" comments

    I'm hoping that this forum is monitored by someone from 3D Content Central. I've just posted a comment for the Molex 0.156" part but most of the entry is hidden, and clicking on the "more.." button produces an emp...
    Alan Metcalfe
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  • Rebar

    Does anyone know where to find a 3d model of rebar?
    Rex Taylor
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  • Adding Text to a Mold

    I need to add text to the surface of mold cavity. I want to have a font that is just a single line. That way it can be cut in with a ball end mill quickly. The fonts that I found have double line and are extruded ...
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  • Architectural components

    I am looking for any existing drawings of architectural components such as columns, cornices, capitals, brackets, etc. Thanks in advance for any help.
    Steve Claude
    created by Steve Claude
  • Has anybody modelled any Trilite?

    Looking for a model of a section of trilite. Thanks.
    Ann Keane
    created by Ann Keane
  • how to edit downloaded part...

    Sorry I am a newbie to solidworks. I have downloaded for example a gear from the 3d content central. How can I edit in solid works. For example I would like to change the height of the teeth and change the hole diamet...
    g g
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  • Need Valves for Spooling Packages

    We manufacture oil & gas 3 phase separators/treaters/dehydrator/, etc packages and are constantly using spooling for skid edge connections. We have just moved to SW2009 from 2D ACAD2002 and are looking for an ...
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  • SolidWorks model of people

    Is there any SolidWorks model of people in different position (standing, sitting, running, working...) in 3D Content Central or other place for download?
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