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  • 3D central won't open

    Hi all. Every time I try to open the 3D ContentCentral I get a message that reads "Unable to establish a connection to the 3D ContentCentral service. To use 3D ContentCentral you must be connected to the internet. ple...
    David Claude
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  • Any model of asmall finished good

    I need something to give my design some scale. Anyone have something I can use. 3D Content Central does not have what I am looking for. Andrew
    Andrew Nelson
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  • 1932 Ford Coupe

    I don't know if I'll have any luck, but is there a car person out there who's taken the time to model a 1932 Ford Coupe? It doesn't need all the inner workings, I'm primarily looking for exterior body contouring.
    Alan Knapper
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  • Anyone have a Hospital bed model??

    I purchased one that is an obj file but Solidworks won't import it properly. Tried opening and saving in Rhino but didn't help. I'm looking for a decent, realistic hospital bed model, preferably a newer Hillrom. Anyon...
    Chris Ross
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  • Ford 302 V8 Engine

    Does anybody have a Ford 302 V8 long block (with heads) drawing? I really need one for mocking up brackets. Much appriciated. Thanks
    Laurence Casey
    created by Laurence Casey
  • 10' container

    I'm currently working on a project where we're going to build a winch into a 10 foot container. I've found lots of 20' and 40' containers on 3D Content Central, but from the comments I read that they're not accu...
    Stig Morten Thu
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  • Wii Steering Wheel

    Has anyone modeled a Nintendo Wii steering wheel?
    Ken Johnson
    created by Ken Johnson
  • Has any body got a model of a water jet and a V8 engine?

    Hi, I'm currently modelling up a sprint boat (watre jet boat) and I was wondering if any has got or knows where to find a model of a water jet and a performance engine ie a V8. Regards Michi
    Michi Speck
    created by Michi Speck
  • Empty pop-up on "part" comments

    I'm hoping that this forum is monitored by someone from 3D Content Central. I've just posted a comment for the Molex 0.156" part but most of the entry is hidden, and clicking on the "more.." button produces an emp...
    Alan Metcalfe
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  • Rebar

    Does anyone know where to find a 3d model of rebar?
    Rex Taylor
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  • Adding Text to a Mold

    I need to add text to the surface of mold cavity. I want to have a font that is just a single line. That way it can be cut in with a ball end mill quickly. The fonts that I found have double line and are extruded ...
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  • Architectural components

    I am looking for any existing drawings of architectural components such as columns, cornices, capitals, brackets, etc. Thanks in advance for any help.
    Steve Claude
    created by Steve Claude
  • Has anybody modelled any Trilite?

    Looking for a model of a section of trilite. Thanks.
    Ann Keane
    created by Ann Keane
  • how to edit downloaded part...

    Sorry I am a newbie to solidworks. I have downloaded for example a gear from the 3d content central. How can I edit in solid works. For example I would like to change the height of the teeth and change the hole diamet...
    g g
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  • Need Valves for Spooling Packages

    We manufacture oil & gas 3 phase separators/treaters/dehydrator/, etc packages and are constantly using spooling for skid edge connections. We have just moved to SW2009 from 2D ACAD2002 and are looking for an ...
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  • SolidWorks model of people

    Is there any SolidWorks model of people in different position (standing, sitting, running, working...) in 3D Content Central or other place for download?
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  • Gallon Milk Jug

    Does anyone have a model of a gallon milk jug? I can't find anything decent on the web and nothing in 3DCC. Thanks!
    J A
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  • NVidia Graphics card solid model needed

    If anyone has created a notional model of an NVidia GTX8800 video card we would love to have a copy of it!!!! Thanks, dc
    Daen Hendrickson
    created by Daen Hendrickson
  • Flange Bearings

    I wasn't sure were to post this witihin the forum so i have posted it in 3D contentcentral to. I am finding it difficult to find a reliable source for RHP/NSK style flange and pillow block bearings in metric forma...
    Andrew Chase
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