• Unable to upload a model to 3D Content Central

    How do I upload an assembly consisting of multiple files to 3D Content Central. When I try to upload a zip file containing the files I get an error: "The file you are trying to upload is incorrect. Please check the co...
    Jim Lancaster
    created by Jim Lancaster
  • Macro to remove revision table in Pdm

    I Need a macro that automatically open solidworks drawing file in pdm,Check out the file and remove revision table and annotation from drawing file and automatically checK-in in pdm
    Rushabh Shah
    created by Rushabh Shah
  • Shell a lofted entity

    Hi all, I try to shell this part (please see attachment "new_head.SLDPRT"), which is a lofted entity. I want to shell it with thickness 3mm, the cross-section profile looks like this. But apparently it's not gonna...
    Xinyu Jian
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  • Convert SW2018 files to Work with 2016 version

    Dear Professionals,   Our Client gave us a sample of SW 2018 version and tried many things to convert it to our version which is 2016 and still couldn't find a way to solve this problem, does anyone have somethi...
    Sherif Soliman
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  • I am selling my microscribe 3d scanner for solidworks

    Hi,   Unfortunatelly I had to close the 3d school I owned in Spain and I am selling my 3D stuff. We used a microscribe 3d scanner for solidworks If anyone interested in it , please let me know.   I would...
    Rafa Martin
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  • How to Get the Most out of Surface Modeling in Solidworks

    Hi everyone, Not a question I have but the company I work for recently wrote a post on surface modeling that you may find useful.   How to Get the Most out of Surface Modeling in Solidworks
    Fin Watterson
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  • Free Bay Area 3D Solutions Seminar hosted by Rapidform and FARO

    Join Rapidform and FARO for a FREE half-day 3D Solutions Seminar and learn all the ins and outs of 3D laser scanning and Reverse Engineering.   The Solutions Seminar is on August 14th at the Computer History Mus...
    Shane A
    created by Shane A
  • Broken links in 3D Content Central

    I'm not sure where else to report this, but the links for SMC ZL and ZL112-K multi-stage ejectors are broken.  It's really disappointing to find them in the results but find only an error when I click on them.
    Richard Klein
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  • Looking for a mountain bike model

    I'm looking for a model of a mountain bike. Native SolidWorks would be great, but anything will do for now. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
    J A
    last modified by J A
  • Share Your SolidWorks Story!

    Dear SolidWorks Forum users: The original request posted here by  Cadalyst was a mistake. Please accept our apology for this and for any  inconvenience it caused.   Nancy Johnson Cadalyst   Mes...
    Cadalyst Editors
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  • Fanuc Arcmate 100i

    Hello all,   I am taking a shot in the dark here, wondering if anyone has a model of the Fanuc Arcmate 100i series robot.  If so, I'd like to here from you, it would be much appreciated.   Thanks in a...
    Chris Ninneman
    created by Chris Ninneman
  • 3DCC is looking for you opinion

    Hello everyone, the folks working on 3D Content Central are looking for your feedback. Content Question(s): 1. Industrial component suppliers often create surface models of their products to hide internal det...
    Bill Taylor
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  • Looking for a model of a Steel Shop Work Table

    I am in search of a model for a steel shop work table/bench. Any suggestions.
    Brandon Donovan
    last modified by Brandon Donovan
  • Arbor, C-Clamp and Bench Presses

    Does anyone have any models of arbour, c-clamp and bench presses like the ones attached Thanks
    paul braithwaite
    last modified by paul braithwaite
  • Screws

    I looked around on 3D Content Central and can't seem to find very many screws. Anybody know where I can get a library of screws? My company uses all kinds for different products, and I would love to not have to draw t...
    Jeff Cooper
    last modified by Jeff Cooper

    Has anyone got a collection of metal railheads for metal railings iam trying to find some models but cant find anything thanks in advance
    Brian Ramsay
    last modified by Brian Ramsay
  • Vietnam era M-16 rifle model

    Anyone have a Vietnam era M-16 modelled? I am specifically interested in the plastic forearm grip. It's a long shot, I know. Thanks!
    Matt McKendrick
    created by Matt McKendrick
  • Does anyone know where I can find a 'gooseneck' on 3D Content Central?

    Hello Solidworks community: I am trying to find the name of a component that we wish to include in an assembly. Ideally I would like to find a supplier with digital product in 3D Content Central, but I will settl...
    Alok Mohindra
    last modified by Alok Mohindra
  • Truck cabin needed...

    Gentleman, I need MODERN cabin of the truck, something like this: http://www.trucklocator.co.uk/...6742001199979710l.jpg The best will be if this can be Volvo. I saw model on 3dcontent, but is not modern mod...
  • Never received Activation Email

    I registered for 3DCC several years ago... have not used for several months. I tried to login, but it told me that i had not activated my account.... that i should wait for the activation email and then follow directi...
    Sean Carter
    last modified by Sean Carter