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Michael Crump
When I try to access my user library in Solid Works, I get a time out error pop up and in the window below the design library it reads "You must accept the 3D ContentCentral Terms of Use before access is allowed. Where do I go to accept them?
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Leon Lahman
I have to make a 3d file to be cut by a CNC router. The file will be the side portrait of a person, and will only be given the side profile photograph and forward facing photograph. I am capable of vectoring the images to make 2d sketches, but not sure how to connect them to make a 3d drawing. Any help, or direction will be greatly appreciate it.… (Show more)
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Matias Ramirez
Im building a frame for a hybrid solar car and i cant weld it or use swept feature to transform it on tubular to apply stress analysis, i made it from spine lines using the fairing has guide. The model is attached   Please help 
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Adrian Miles
Click to view contentHI Guys   im trying to get these two triangle parts to fold 90 degrees   i cannot use a sketch bend as it wants to bend the entire edge     Can you offer a solution??  
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Victoria Pulik
Hi, how to make a threaded hole on the assembly. This is a welding drawing and I need to drill the hole through several parts. But I don't want it to be  appear on the details drawing. Thank you
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Oleksandr Nikulochkin
Click to view contentHi. everyone. I have this .dwg file of scanned surfaces of a elevator door frame. I need to use it as guide to make covering plates around the frame.    Question: How to use it as a guideline for building parts?       SW opens it as an assembly so I cant buid parts around it. So how can I use this dots data as a guide for parts shapes? 
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Jorge Mirabelli
I am trying to import a text file of points representing the center line of an irregular Y-branched pipe. Any ideas of how to get SW to draw along the line?   I have tried 'curve through XYZ points' but this results in SW connecting the separate branches; I have also attempted using the 'curve wizard' but only the 'Boundary' option draws… (Show more)
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Erik Daniels
I have to re-organize my configuration of a part ( allot of parts) is there a way to move configuration so i don't have to manual make them again. In the example given i need would like to start with 2 configurations 110 and 132 and then make sub categories. now i start with 4
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