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Richard Williams
I am trying to help a fellow student out.  She needs a SolidWorks modeled Human Eye.  Does anyone know where I might find one already modeled?  She is trying to do something with Lasers and the human eye.  She described it but I had no idea what she was talking about. 
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John Hicks
My son is just getting into Solidworks and 3D printing, he's 12.  He claims he can't send his SW files to the Da Vinci 1.0 jr printer...only uses SD Card?  Yet it's hooked up to the computer and on wireless.  This doesn't sound correct to me. We have to buy an USB SD adapter, hook it the desktop (most don't have SD slots anymore), and then… (Show more)
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Jose Angeles
A la hora de insertar una imagen (.jpg) el programa deja de funcionar y se cierra
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Chandrashekhar Patil
dear please help me I cant create this model by using variable pitch of screw... it bwas showing some gap between while variable doing variable pitch.
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Hans Hoevde
I have created a cylindrical part. To this I made extrution on the cylindrical base and made a cylinder shape cut out of some rectangels placed on the edge.   When looking at the part in SW is the round cylinder egde and  cylinder cut out on rectangle not shown as a "curve". It visually appears as several connected straight lines. The part is… (Show more)
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Don Roberts
I've converted an STL file of a boot last into Solid works and I need to add mounting holes to the resulting solid but have not been able to get them to come in perpendicular to the model, only normal to the surface of the solid. yes I'm a NooB  any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers Don
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Steve Maddock
Is there a way of setting the option one arrow / open leader option for diameter and arc dimensions as a default, to save me having to change it each time I dimension?
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Varun Sharma
I have a cylinder that has an extruded cut and I have it a linear pattern going down the cylinder. I want to create a circular pattern of this linear pattern so that the second pattern is offset a bit according to the x and y axis. Is this possible in solidworks?   thank you
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Jonas Koppensteiner
I am working on a SEM from TESCAN and am not happy with the way the samples are fixed, because I have to take a look on rather big sample. So here is my question, does anyone have constructed a holder which I could possible use   greetings Jonas@
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Sailaja G.
Hii   I want to create heatsink to my pcb. I just imported step file of pcb and saved as assemply part. I also created a part of heatsink with the dimensions of pcb, I assembled two. Now I want to create a heatsink based on components height and some fitching holes how can i do that..Please suggest me   Thanks in Advance
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