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Ofri Kutchinsky
Click to view contenthi!  im trying to extrude these arcs to make metal covers to the vents. but for some reason it extrude the arcs in the same sketch to different directions.  does anyone know how to fix this? thank you !
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Aaron Waskow
My Tangix TesterPRO client crashed while I was taking the CSWPA-DT Exam, I was on the 14th Question and had about 45 minutes left. Is there a way for me to get my money/code back, or will it at least submit my scores for questions I had answered already?
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David Thornton
My Solidworks when I go to download the update on the installation manager resets.  It downloads up to about 200mb of the 2500 MB and then resets to zero.  It cycles about 4 to 5 times and then says would you like to retry or cancel.
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已 叶
like title. How to use low version software open high version file ? Such as, Geomagic Design X 2019 1.0 can not open 2019.2.0 create a file. How to export compatible low version files ? Thanks !
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Tanmay Kulkarni
Click to view contentI am unable to make the threaded holes. I was able to make the holes but could not thread them.The error i got is that "The selected entity is not perpendicular to the thread axis".I get that the holes are not perpendicular to the axis how do i make them perpendicular?I have attached the Solidworks file I made .
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Vincent Moravec
SW 2018 x64 SP 1.0   I'm using the flex feature on a solidworks plastic part, meant to be plastic with live hinges. In what should not have been a surprise to me, the flex operation left unwanted artifacts in portions of my part which should not have changed (see pictures).   The flex feature doesn't seem to allow you to set end conditions, as… (Show more)
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Вадим К
Отображение резьбы в 3D сборках
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Dave De Villiers
the CAD mouse and Space mouse was working 100% on 2019. now that i installed 2020 it just dont work. i uninstalled 2020 and back on 2019 but now it dont work there either. i tried to install new drivers,, uninstalled the whole setup and re-installed it but still no satisfaction. can anybody help with this?
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Sidney Togu
Hello, i'm new in the world of solidworks and i have a stupid question. I have made the base of a folding box, i try to close the box but i can't fold the base flange, the principal part of this box, when i go to make a line e selet a portion of the base, the software select all the base and i can't fold it. Can you help me? thank you p.s. i… (Show more)
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