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Felice Cameron
How do we get testing accommodations for students who will be taking the solidworks test.
in 3D ContentCentral
John Wayman
I've searched in the usual places: Grabcad, 3D Content Central, Traceparts. No luck. I don't want to model it myself if someone has already done it. STP, IGS, X_T, SLDPRT, pretty much anything 3D will do. I just need an outline. I want to include the outline of the drill in my models of levelling anchors, so we don't end up with welded frames… (Show more)
in 3D ContentCentral
Thomas Alpert
My 3D rendering doesn't seem to be working.  I have Intel HD4600 graphics, but is there a certain setting I need to use?
in 3D ContentCentral
Tomas Vecerilek
Hello, I would like to use embeded 3dcontentcentral models inside our enterprise website as IFRAME. is it possible to programaticaly select required entities in model, to highlight them somehow? I can select them by mouse, but is it possible for example in Javasript? Or is there another viewer which can do this job in web browser? Thanks a… (Show more)
in 3D ContentCentral
Najib Ahmadi
Hello everyone   Can you please give some advice how can I create the below image to 3D model. I supposed to use surface modeling, but need some advice to start. thanks in advance NJ
in 3D ContentCentral
Dennis Beeren
Some of my models do not display a preview image in the search result. However when I am logged in in the Content Manager and access the preview of the search result, then the preview image does show (see screenshots: Preview). I tried to upload the models again (revision), unpublish and publish the models. Nothing fixes the issue. Only after… (Show more)
in 3D ContentCentral
Vishal Bhavsar
How to get the total length of helical coil. in 2014 & 2016. Anyone can help me out with proper steps to get the concrete solution of this.       Thanks, Vishal
in 3D ContentCentral
Jens Noergaaard
For obtaining high accuracy I am in need of handling 3D data clouds with up to 60 million data points.   My experience is that I can handle up to approximately 10 million data points when using Solidworks 2013.   Will it be possible to handle 60 million data points in Solidworks 2017?     Thanks.
in 3D ContentCentral
Jose Valencia
Hi there   I just realise that I can download parts from 3D ContentCentral. Can I modify them?   I have downloaded a part and use it in my assembly, but I don't know how I can change its dimensions and make more holes.   Can someone let me know how I can do it? if it is possible   King Regards   Jose
in 3D ContentCentral
Patrick Greller
Is there a means to find a sketch in a complex part.  I do not want to look under every feature in the feature tree.  The sketch number is identified because a later sketch uses it for a sketch relation.
in 3D ContentCentral
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