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Imke van De Weijer
When I made a mold without the mold tool, I keep getting the error ' cannot knit surface'

Jim Chapman
For a friend I'm making a mold for this fishing lure. It has been 3d scanned and recreated in solidworks. The scales however are proving to be a problem. I was able to get this done outside of solidworks. Using a cam package I can project a 2d sketch onto a surface and machine that path with some given offset. From that I can only get an stl
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Robert Wieland
My CPU recently just launched some updates (BIOS, graphics, and antivirus) and since the updates, I have been experiencing this problem, new files cant be created and old files cant be opened. When I perform this action, it crashes the system and gives an error message, with out an error code.   I have attached the performance log from my