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Tom Plelo
Hello, I'm rookie on SolidWork, I try to make a phone holder for car, if someone can make me 1 quick ? After I will improve, sorry for my english and thank you for your reply.

Cody Zorn
Did you know that Solidworks rescinded the ability to activate your license on two separate machines?  This was super handy when you had a portable laptop and an office computer setup. Or, some call it a "home" license, allowing you to activate at the office and at home.  Now we have to transfer our license between the computers or
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Maha Nadarasa
In the video Sheet Metal >>> Jog was used to create this bent part. I tried to do by considering this as solid body but stuck with filleting the bend, as fillet radius was not given in the drawing.   Solidworks tutorial | sketch Bearing Puller in Solidworks - YouTube Time 34.36-37.35   My question is, if fillet radius is not